Dennis Frere-Smith impressed judges with his unusual choice in BGT 2024!

Dennis Frere-Smith, a multi-talented retired teacher, musician, singer, and entertainer, made his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent 2024 (17th season). He composed sounds with remarkable objects and astonished judges with his unusual choice.

Dennis Frere’s performance received mixed reactions from the judges. While Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden said “yes,” Bruno Tonioli said “no” to his performance. Despite this, Dennis Frere received three “yes” votes and will be moving on to the next stage, showcasing his persistence and brilliance in the face of differing opinions.

Simon Cowell

What age were you discovered that those things could make those noises

Background & Early Life of Dennis Frere

Dennis Frere is a 68 years old retired teacher, musician, singer, and entertainer. He has appeared on several stages throughout the world alongside well-known artists. He appeared in hit shows including Jim Davidson, Roy Castle, Dancing Years, Bruce Forsyth, and The Dance Band Days. His enthusiasm for music began in school. His career began with Mecca dance bands throughout the 1980s. Now Dennis Frere mostly performs as a solo artist.


After Dennis Frere-Smith entered the stage, a large box appeared suddenly on the stage. He started playing trumpet; the judges didn’t seem excited; we can tell that from Smith’s facial expression. After that, he took a teapot and played. At that point, Bruno Tonioli pressed the red buzzer. Then he picked a hose and played. Finally, he picked a sucking pipe and began creating sounds. 

Amanda Holden 

There is no Other show on the earth where you’d be able to play a hose

Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden were smiling, and they were enjoying it. At the end of the performance, Simon gave standing applause and pretended to hit the golden buzzer. Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden said, “Yes” to his performance, but Bruno Tonioli didn’t like it. With three yeses, He is moving on to the next stage. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Dennis Frere’s son was in the audience, excitedly watching his performance.

BGT 2024 S17E01

Bruno Tonioli’s controversial judgement 

Bruno Tonioli seemed uninterested in Dennis Frere’s performance. He finally said, “My ears, my ears,” and simply stated, “No” to the performance. While he was stating his decision, Simon asked, “What?” The majority of the audience and hosts felt bad for Dennis. 

Bruno Tonioli

He’s such a waste of wind. 

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