Weird Animal Facts that’ll Leave You Amazed

10 Weird Animal Facts that’ll Leave You Amazed

Did you know lobsters chew with their stomachs and pandas fake pregnancies to get more food? These are just two of the many strange and weird facts about animals. There are over 8.7 million species of animals on Earth and It would take more than 1,000 years to identify each one. That huge animal world is full of surprises, with creatures doing things that seem almost unbelievable. Sometimes even scientists can’t figure out why they do so. Let’s check out some of the weirdest and coolest facts about animals that will blow your mind.

1. Gibbons Stay Together for Life

Gibbons are one of the non-human primates that exhibit monogamous behavior. Both parents stick together to care for their babies until they grow up. It’s pretty rare and makes gibbons unique among animals.

Gibbons Stay Together for Life

2. Crocodiles Eat Stones

Crocodiles actually eat stones on purpose so they can dive deeper and stay underwater longer because the stones act like weights. It’s a neat trick that helps them hunt underwater.

Crocodiles Eat Stones

3. Honey Badgers Eat Anything And Steal from Anyone

Honey badgers are super tough and brave. They can eat venomous snakes, fight porcupines, raid beehives for bee larvae, and even steal food from lions. Their thick skin and brave attitude make them one of the toughest animals around.

Honey Badgers

4. Baby Elephants Don’t Know How to Use Their Trunks

Baby elephants drink water differently before they learn to use their trunks. Until they are about one year old, they suck water into their mouths directly because they don’t yet know how to use their trunks to drink.

Baby Elephants Don't Know How to Use Their Trunks

5. Black Panthers Are Not a Separate Species

Black panthers are not actually a separate species. They are just jaguars or leopards with a lot of dark pigment in their fur. This condition is called melanism. Without this pigment, they would be white, a condition called albinism.

Black Panthers Are Not a Separate Species

6. Pandas Fake Pregnancies

Pandas are famous for pretending to be pregnant to get extra food and special care from humans. They have learned that acting like they are pregnant gets them more attention and treats.

Pandas Fake Pregnancies

7. Polar Bears Are Actually Black

Polar bears look white, but their skin is actually black. Their fur is hollow, so it reflects light and makes them look white. This helps them blend in with the snow and ice in their environment.

Polar Bears Are Actually Black

8. Anglerfish Bite Their Partner When It Is Time to Mate

Anglerfish have a really weird way of mating. When a male finds a female, he bites onto her and eventually fuses with her body. He loses his eyes and organs, except for his testes, and gets nutrients from her. If he doesn’t find a mate in a few months, he dies.

Anglerfish Bite Their Mate When It Is Time to Mate
Anglerfish Bite Their Partner When It Is Time to Mate. Left side – Male Anglerfish

9. The Poisonous Bird

The hooded pitohui is a bird from New Guinea with poisonous feathers. Touching these feathers can make your skin burn, and in large amounts, the poison can cause paralysis or even death. Eating the feathers can also cause numbness and irritation.

The Poisonous Bird

10. Lobsters Chew with Their Stomachs

Lobsters don’t have teeth in their mouths. Instead, they chew their food in their stomachs with a structure called the gastric mill. They also have tiny hairs on their legs that let them taste their food.

Lobsters Chew with Their Stomachs

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