What happened to Yo Highness in Britain’s Got Talent

Yo Highness is a dance group from Mumbai, India in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. In the semifinals, they showcased their talent once again. Despite the positive reactions from the audience and judges, they could not secure enough public votes to advance to the BGT finals and were eliminated in the semifinals. Their net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to them after BGT.

What is Yo Highness Members Doing Now?

Yo Highness is a dance group, their currently resides in India. They continue their career as dancers. It is not clear about each member’s occupation because of their age range. There are members between 10 to 26 years old. As of their age, some members may still be studying, and some members may continue their careers as dancers.

Yo Highness net worth

They earn their income from live dance performances, but their net worth is not available as of June 2023 

Yo Highness History

Yo Highness is an Indian dancing group. A dancing ensemble called Yo Highness is renowned for its exciting performances. Their dance form combines elements from various genres, such as hip-hop, contemporary, and urban styles. Yo Highness emphasizes accuracy, synchronicity, and imaginative choreography in their routines. Yo Highness seeks to thrill and inspire audiences with its distinctive fusion of dance forms through its dynamic moves and captivating stage presence.

Fast Facts

Known asYo Highness
Age Limit10-26 years old

BGT Update

What happened Yo Highness in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

They performed an Indian dance. They were able to get four yeses from the judges. They opened with a Bhangra dance routine set to classical Indian music. Then they moved to the edges of the platform to expose the younger members who had been hidden behind them. 

Before ending their performance by having a younger member jump over objects older members held in the air, the group first performed a street dance. Alesha said, “To fuse the street dancing with traditional Indian dancing, you will stand out from everyone else“, following Simon’s statement that “It looked like something someone would want to be a part of“.

What happened Yo Highness in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finals?

Yo Highness performed a Bhangra dance routine that subsequently evolved into a hip-hop routine to the song “Tattad Tattad” by Aditya Narayan in the Semi-Final. In addition to Alesha’s comment, ”You brought the culture to the Britain’s Got Talent stage“, Bruno called the performance “A true dazzler“.

Facts we admire

  • They are united as a team

Yo Highness is known for its outstanding collaboration and cohesion. Each member expertly combines their unique skills to produce fluid and synchronized dance performances, showcasing their close relationship and spirit of cooperation. Their success as a group results from their coordinated efforts and high performances on stage.

  • They are a very energetic team

Yo Highness also has a lot of vigour and stage presence. They infuse their presentations with a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, enthralling the audience with their zeal and charisma. Everyone who watches their dynamic dance routines will have a remarkable and engaging experience thanks to their ability to convey enthusiasm and interact with spectators.

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