What happened to United To Dance in Britain’s Got Talent

United To Dance is a dance group from the United Kingdom in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. In the semifinals, they showcased their talent once again. Despite the positive reactions from the audience and judges, they could not secure enough public votes to advance to the BGT finals and were eliminated in the semifinals. Their net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to them after BGT.

What is United To Dance Members Doing Now?

United To Dance is a dance group, currently they resides in London, United Kingdom. They continue dancing and they are between the ages of 9 and 11. Therefore they are still studying as college students.

United To Dance net worth

Nothing is known about their current assets and their income sources.

United To Dance History

Their birthdays are not publicly available. They are between 9 and 11 years old as of 2023. They are British and Ukrainian, and their religion is not being revealed. This is an eight-member dancing group. It consists of male and female members and a Ukrainian boy, among other British children. They wanted to surprise everyone.

Fast Facts

Known asUnited To Dance
Age Limit9 -11 years old
NationalityBritish and Ukrainian 

BGT Update

What happened to United To Dance in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

“United To Dance” is a dancing group. The group split into sub-groups based on gender midway through their modern dance routine to perform partner dancing to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” and Meghan Trainor’s “Better When I’m Dancing”.  “I can see as well that your feel like a family on that stage“, Amanda said. Bruno praised the group for being “Precise, so clean, and so strong“. They got four yeses and advanced to the next round.

What happened to United To Dance in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finals?

The group performed a modern dance routine in the Semi-Finals to the songs “Cuba” by The Gibson Brothers and “Fireball” by Pitbull. They danced with partners and were divided into gender-specific subgroups halfway through the routine. Simon added, “I would call that Strictly Better Dancing“, Alesha said, “It’s never easy; you know there’s so much pressure, but you guys came out and smashed it“.

Facts we admire

  • They are very talented

United To Dance is a very talented dancing group. All judges appreciated their performance because of their commitment and their excellent dancing skills.

  • United To Dance group members are friendly

This group consists of 8 children, and they are best friends. Their friendship is solid and lovely. There were British children and a Ukrainian boy. But they were together as a family. Therefore their friendship is extraordinary. 

United To Dance Social Media

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