Who Will Win The Great Chicken War of 2023 The Viral TikTok Trend That's Taking Chickens from Coops to Troops.

Who Will Win The Great Chicken War of 2023? | The Viral TikTok Trend That’s Taking Chickens from Coops to Troops.

When you think you have seen it all, the internet surprises us with something bigger and better. TikTok is now preparing for a war with chickens. People raising chickens are now showing off their “Ready to be battle” flocks of chickens on TikTok. The Great Chicken War of 2023 is going strong, and people are ready to see who wins the challenge. 


And thus began the Great Tiktok Chicken War of 2023. May the best birds win. (I didn’t know all the creator’s names to tag, sorry)

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The chicken war” has a total view of over 27.1 million on social media so far. The TikTok trend began after a Canadian Content creator, Dylan Bezjackposted a video on May 27, 2023. The video now has over 1.4 million views on TikTok. “You better watch out there, pal. Me and my posse are on our way to kick some a** and take some names here,” said Dylan on his video. 

The Chicken War 2023 trend was soon followed by Many on Social media. People are now taking it to the next level. They are now naming their Chicken troops in the flock and ranking them in different positions. People in many countries are now entering the battle, making it an international war of chickens

The squad for war is expanding as many are now posting flocks of other bird varieties like ducks, peacocks, Geese, and Turkeys to take over the battlefield. The trend has somehow taken the internet by storm. People are curious to know, Who will Win the Chicken War? and How will it end? 

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