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Warrior Squad Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth, AGT Update 

Warrior Squad is a dance-acrobat group from Haryana, India in the hit reality show America’s Got Talent 2023. Warrior Squad showcased incredible strength in their acrobats, displayed a variety of moves, had members almost flying throughout the act, and also made several human towers as high as the ceiling. Warrior Squad auditioned on Season 18 Episode 04 and received 4 yeses from the judges and advanced to the next round. Their net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to Warrior Squad in AGT 2023. 

Warrior Squad Age

Warrior Squad was not published their formed year but they are in Haryana, India.

Warrior Squad Biography

Warrior Squad, the dance-acrobat group from Haryana, India, was formed by their leader, Rahul Yadav, who put the group together to train acrobats free of charge. The group consists of 23 members between the ages of 14 and 30, and they specialize in acrobatics

Warrior Squad do not provide information on their current residence. They are Indians and religion is not disclosed. 

Warrior Squad’s net worth

Warrior Squad’s net worth is not available as of June 2023 

Fast Facts

Known asWarrior Squad
Real nameWarrior Squad
BirthplaceFrom Haryana, India
ProfessionAcrobat dancers

AGT Update

What happened to the Warrior Squad in America’s Got Talent Auditions?

The Warrior Squad is a group of 10 young acrobats from India. They performed a jaw-dropping aerial acrobatic act on America’s Got Talent 2023. The act involved a series of complex flips, twists, and climbs, all performed without a safety net.The audience and judges were blown away by the Warrior Squad’s performance. Sofia said “All of you did a great job.” The judges all gave the Warrior Squad a standing ovation, and they advanced to the next round of the competition.The Warrior Squad did not receive the Golden Buzzer, but they did receive four yeses from the judges. They will continue to compete in the next round of the competition, and they have a good chance of advancing to the live shows.

Facts we admire

Warrior Squad dedication to youth talent

The team leader, Rahul Yadav, created the group to build a platform for children and teenagers who had immense talent but had no way to showcase it

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With an amazing performance in the auditions, Warrior Squad got 4 yeses and advanced to the next round. Stay with us and we will update this content on what happens to them in AGT with the latest news.

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