Meet Unreal Crew who Delivers a Jaw-Dropping Act on AGT 2022

Meet Unreal Crew who Delivers a Jaw-Dropping Act on AGT 2022

After Winning the Title of Dance India Dance, Unreal Crew is now onto AGT. They are auditioning this week and have lots of updates. This article will explain its members, what happened at America’s got talent audition, career, social media, and more things you would know.

What is Unreal Crew?

The Unreal Crew is a team of specialized dancers in “Tuttamation.” The particular style, Tuttamationi, s a collective use of Tutting and Animation, which makes it a difficult task for the dancers. The dancer has to bend his body 90 degrees and happens to perform various positions. Only a few world-known dancing groups are in the world with “Tuttamation,” perfection, and the Unreal crew is at the top. The team is from Rajasthan, India.

They won Zee TV’s dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance 7: Battle of Champions’ in 2019. Also, they have performed in ‘Indian Pro Music League‘ on Zee TV, Red Bull India, and ‘Dance Dance Junior Season 2’.

Unreal Crew members

Unreal Crew members in America's Got Talent
Unreal Crew members in America’s Got Talent

There are 06 members on the team. Wasim, and Altaf, are the choreographers and founders of the team. When it comes to Rajesh Jangid, Gautam Changra, and Dinesh Panwar, are the dancers.

However, only 05 members participated in the AGT season 17 this week. In addition to Wasim and Altaf,  Bhawna Khanduja is also working as an additional choreographer for the dance Crew.

Sanjay Chouhan is known as DeadBone, who is performing in the back as he is shorter than others. Rajesh Jangid is also a veteran dancer in the Unreal crew who has worked for Rajasthan dancing teams. He is married. Gautam Changra and Dinesh Panwar are the youngest on the team who have not had much real experience except the Dance India Dance 7.

All the unreal team dancers are professional choreographers with their own YouTube accounts. They have a higher reach on social media due to their recent wins in reality shows. 

Unreal Crew finder

Wasim Belim and Atlaf Madawat are the Unreal Dancing team founders who get the idea at the end of 2018.

Wasim Belim

Wasim Belim from Unreal Crew
Wasim Belim from Unreal Crew

Wasim Belim is a choreographer in his early twenties. He is from Rajasthan, India, just like his other members. Before starting the dancing Team, Wasim started his career as a choreographer and has worked for a couple of dancing teams.

Modeling was also one of his early careers, and he had appeared in Ramp Shows, Print Shoots, Calendar Shoots, Magazine Shoots, and E-Commerce Shoots as a profession. Only Wasim made it to the AGT as the choreographer and the founder this time.

Altaf Madawat

Altaf Madawat from Unreal Crew
Altaf Madawat from Unreal Crew

Altaf Madawat is the other founder of the Unreal Crew. He has been working as the choreographer for the team since 2018. Other than being a choreographer, Altaf is a businessman in India. He has an affiliate connection to the business field as well.

Among the 06 members who won the Dance India Dance 7: Battle of Champions, he was the missing person to perform on AGT season 17. Wasim mentioned that Altaf had a problem with obtaining Visa and would return to the next round.

What happened at America’s got talent audition?

The Indians got a warm welcome from AGT. Wasim, the leader, explained what they would perform on the stage. It was Sofia who did the interviewing. Wasim said he was confident about their performance and would win the AGT title 17. So it was the performance next.

Among the acts and performances at AGT, the Unreal Crew’s performance was crucial as they ended it within 28 seconds. But those 28 seconds were most intense. The crew showed an act that implied a man with few bodies. When a dancer hides his head, the other in the far end will display his. Following the same action, hands and legs were used in the act. The timing was perfect, and the vibe given through beating movements was also stunning. The background music they chose was “Tattad Tattad” from Ram Leela.

Along with the judges, the audience seemed to have enjoyed the performance. “I would not change a thing about your name, Unreal Crew, as you were extraordinary,” said Sofia. Heidi said that you were guys keeping low, and it was never dull to see the performance. Simon had the same idea, and the Unreal Team was in the next round next second.


Although the six boys’ team, Unreal Crew, had been started just a few years ago, members have been in the dancing field for a long time. After going through to the final and Winning the Indian reality show, the team spirited and became unstoppable. They accept plays and continue their dancing journey all across the globe.

Unreal Crew net worth

The Unreal Crew‘s net worth is $50,000. Their victory in Dance India Dance 7 gave about $6200 a couple of years ago. At present, they have YouTube channels for the Dance Crew and the dancers, which bring revenue. Their social media accounts promote brands as well. Along with the Stage Performances, they make that net worth. 

Social media

There are 07 Instagram accounts related to the Indian Dance Group. There is one official account for Unreal Crew, and the other 06 accounts are for the members. All of them are used to promote their Dancing Team. The official Instagram has 53.3 followers. When it comes to the YouTube channel, The Unreal Crew has 14k followers. 


Where is Unreal Crew from?

The Unreal Crew is based in Rajasthan, India. The members of the team are from the same region in India.

How old is Unreal Crew?

Dance Crew “Unreal” started 04 years ago. The age of the group members varies from 21 to 28.

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