Sons of Serendip

Where Are Sons of Serendip Now? Here is their Net Worth & Latest Update After AGT.

Sons of Serendip is a rock band featured on America’s Got Talent in 2014. They got eliminated from the finals. Now they live in the USA. Nothing is known about their current assets. Here are some updated facts about them.

Known asSons of Serendip
Real nameMicah Christian, Cordaro Rodriguez, Kendall Ramseur, and Mason Morton
Age26-30 (When appearing AGT)
Age34-38 (as of 2023)
Where are Sons of Serendip from?Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Current net worthN/A (as of 2023) 

What are Sons of Serendip Doing Now?

Sons of Serendip is a rock band. They have 11.7K followers on Instagram. Currently, Sons of Serendip continue their careers as performing and creating music in the USA.

Performances America’s Got Talent 


Quarter Finals

Semi finals


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