Shakira Charged with Tax Evasion Again She Owes Millions To the Spanish Government!

Shakira Charged with Tax Evasion Again | She Owes Millions To the Spanish Government!

There is news coming in that beloved pop star Shakira has been charged by Spain for tax evasion. This is the second time she has been accused of tax issues. Spanish prosecutors have charged Shakira for failing to pay $7.1 million (6.7 million euros) in tax on her 2018 income. 

This is the latest allegation against the Colombian singer. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer was served charges in Miami, where she is currently living. Dig in to find out more about her charges. 

Shakira was previously charged in a separate case of tax evasion. The previous case is already due to be tried in Barcelona on November 20. In that case, prosecutors claimed that she failed to pay $15.4 million in tax during 2012-14. Shakira has been charged by Spain because she spent more than half of the 2012-2014 period in Spain. Spanish tax officers claim that she should have paid taxes in Spain. Even though her official residence is in the Bahamas. 

However, the public relations firm that previously handled Shakira’s affairs, Llorente y Cuenca, made no immediate comment on this. Last July, when the case was opened against the Grammy winner, they stated that Shakira has always acted according to the law and the advice of her financial advisors.

As Shakira goes to Court in November, Spanish Prosecutors have requested Shakira be sentenced to eight years and two months. Along with a roughly $25 million fine. The Spanish Tax Office has a record of losing one out of every two lawsuits with its taxpayers. So fans will have to wait and see if charges against Shakira will come to pass. 

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