A 'Sea Lion' Saved This Man From Drowning | Kept Him Afloat Until Rescuers Came!

A ‘Sea Lion’ Saved This Man From Drowning | Kept Him Afloat Until Rescuers Came!

Sometimes, the most extraordinary stories of survival come from the most unexpected of helpers. This is the miraculous story of Kevin Hines, who faced a life-or-death moment that changed his outlook on life forever. At the age of 19, Kevin made a split-second decision that led to immediate regret. He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge! Within four seconds and while he was dropping down he realised that it was a mistake. But he also realized that he didn’t have a choice as it was too late. However, he had an unexpected intervention of a sea lion! Kevin remembers being nudged to the surface by something underneath. The sea lion has kept him afloat until help arrived. Let’s have a closer look at his story

An Unlikely Guardian: Saved by the Sea Lion!

Kevin’s journey to that fateful day began much earlier. Struggling with health issues from a young age, he faced significant challenges. Kevin was adopted at nine months old and raised in the San Francisco area. By then, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and placed on medication. He stopped talking at the age of 16. 

Around this time, Kevin began experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder, further complicated by the suicide of his drama teacher. These struggles topped in September 2000, when Kevin, decided to end his life. He jumped from the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

In the four seconds it took to fall, Kevin experienced a deep regret. He realized the grave mistake he had made. He fell approximately 240 feet at 75 miles per hour, hitting the water first with his feet. The impact shattered three of his spinal vertebrae and broke his ankle. But his story didn’t end there. In the water, struggling to stay afloat and fearing he might drown, a sea lion appeared. This unexpected guardian nudged him to the surface and kept him above until the Coast Guard rescued him.

A 'Sea Lion' Saved This Man From Drowning
Image source: My Modern Met / Listverse (Kevin Hines looking over the Golden Gate Bridge years later)

The Road to Recovery

Kevin’s miraculous survival was just the beginning of a long road to recovery and advocacy. The immediate regret of jumping did not equate to an instant recovery of his mental health. Kevin has since dedicated his life to suicide prevention, sharing his story to help others find hope.

 He has been honored with numerous awards for his efforts and continues to work diligently to manage his mental health. This includes a strict routine involving medication, therapy, and daily exercise. He is also supported by his wife, Margaret, whom he met during a stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Kevin’s accomplishments are numerous, including speaking engagements, congressional hearings, and the publication of his bestselling memoir, “Cracked Not Broken.” He has served on various boards and committees, advocating for mental health and suicide prevention. His journey from a survivor of a near-fatal suicide attempt to a beacon of hope for others is nothing short of inspirational.

Image source: CNN / ABC7 News (Kevin Hines when he was young)
Image source: Kevin Hines website / 6ABC


Kevin Hines’ story is a powerful reminder of the will to survive, the importance of mental health awareness, and the unexpected ways the natural world can intervene in our lives. It’s a story that blends the mystery of nature with the resilience of the human spirit, perfectly encapsulating the interests of our audience. Let’s carry forward the message of hope and resilience, inspired by the sea lion that saved Kevin Hines.

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