This Olympic Swimmer Lost His Ability To Swim Forever While Saving People From A Drowning Bus!

On September 16, 1976, Karapetyan's life took a dramatic turn when he saved over 20 people from a sinking trolley bus in a lake.

During a routine run in Yerevan, Armenia, Shavarsh didn't hesitate to dive into cold, dark waters to save passengers from drowning.

Taking more than 30 dives, Shavarsh fought against time and depth to bring unconscious passengers to safety, showing unparalleled bravery.

Shavarsh's heroic act cost him dearly, resulting in severe injuries that ended his swimming career but began his legacy of courage.

Karapetyan's heroism didn't stop with one rescue. He saved lives from a cliff-edge bus in 1974 and a burning building in 1985.

For his bravery, Shavarsh received numerous awards, including the prestigious UNESCO “Fair Play” award, cementing his legacy.

Now leading a quieter life in Russia, Karapetyan's spirit of selflessness and bravery continues to inspire across the globe.