This Aircraft Chased The Longest Solar Eclipse | Followed The Moon’s Shadow For 74 Minutes!

In recent years, companies like JSX, United, and Delta have catered to eclipse enthusiasts. Yet, none matches Concorde 001's historic feat in 1973.

On June 30, 1973, Concorde 001 embarked on a mission. Modified for the journey, it carried scientists to witness the eclipse from the best seat in the sky.

Flying at 1,350 mph above 55,000 feet, Concorde chased the moon's shadow across the Tropic of Cancer, turning a typical 7-minute eclipse into a 74-minute spectacle.

Above the clouds, scientists, including Donald Liebenberg, enjoyed a clear view of the sun’s corona, collecting data that would become invaluable to solar science.

This mission allowed passengers to see rare solar phenomena like Baily’s beads and the diamond ring effect with unprecedented clarity.

While a 1999 mission sought to replicate this feat, it couldn't match the 1973 Concorde's record. Yet, it underscored our enduring fascination with the cosmos.

Concorde 001's journey into the eclipse's heart underscores humanity's insatiable curiosity and our drive to explore and understand the universe.