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Philip Bowen Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth, AGT Update

Philip Bowen is a 38-year-old violinist from Detroit, Michigan, United States in the hit reality show America’s Got Talent 2023. He wowed the judges with his violin playing, which was described as “amazing”. Philip Bowen auditioned on Season 18 Episode 01 and received 4 yeses from the judges and advanced to the next round. His net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to Philip Bowen in AGT 2023. 

Philip Bowen Age

Philip Bowen was born in 1985, in West Virginia, USA, and now is 38 years old as of 2023.

Philip Bowen Biography

He got inspired to play the violin when he was 4 years old after watching violinist Itzhak Perlman’s violin plays (Howie Mandel’s cousin) in Sesame Street. Now he is a project manager and a musician.

Philip Bowen currently resides in Detroit, USA. He is an American and his religion has not been revealed.

Philip Bowen Height

His height is not disclosed.

Philip Bowen net worth

Philip Bowen’s net worth is not available as of June 2023

Fast Facts

Known asPhilip Bowen
Real namePhilip Bowen
Age38 years old
BirthplaceWest Virginia, USA
ProfessionMusician, Project Manager

AGT Update

What happened to Philip Bowen in America’s Got Talent Auditions?

Philip Bowen auditioned for Season 18 of America’s Got Talent with his violin performance. He picked an unlikely rock song to flaunt his violin skills during his audition, which impressed the judges and the audience. The judges praised his unique and unexpected performance, with Howie Mandel calling it “amazing,” and got all yeses from the judges.

Family & relationships

FartherNot Disclosed
MotherNot Disclosed
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ SpouseNot Disclosed
ChildrenThree Children

Facts we admire

  • Philip Bowen is very positive

He said he decided to participate in AGt to show his three children thatit’s not too late to chase down a dream

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With an amazing performance in the auditions, Philip Bowen got 4 yeses and advanced to the next round. Stay with us and we will update this content on what happens to him in AGT with the latest news.

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