Pedro Pascal Revealed His “Psychotic Method” for Memorizing Script Lines.

Pedro Pascal, the star of The Last of Us, has revolutionized the way actors memorize their lines with a method that is as effective as it is unconventional. During a SAG-AFTRA Foundation virtual round table, featuring actors from “The Morning Show” and “Succession,” Pascal shared his unique approach to memorizing scripts.

Pascal showed a page from his notebook during the session, which was filled with organized columns of letters. This page, resembling an unsolved word search, was a cipher. He created from the first letter of every word in his script. This method helps him recall his lines without having to refer back to the script, ensuring a smoother recall process.

You use the first letter of each word in these sort of towers, these columns I guess, and then it’s this very, very tedious way of making yourself learn the line.

Pedro Pascal on his Line Memorizing Method

He adopted this method after a challenging experience in 2014, during a performance of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” where he struggled to remember his lines.

Pascal in “Much Ado About Nothing,

Pascal plans to use this technique for his roles in the upcoming “The Fantastic Four,” where he’ll play Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, the second season of “The Last of Us,” and the “Gladiator” sequel.

This method underscores his dedication to his craft and highlights the extensive preparation actors undergo for their performances. Pascal’s innovative approach not only enhances his acting but also serves as inspiration for aspiring actors, demonstrating that excellence in acting requires dedication, creativity, and sometimes, an unconventional method.

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