Noodle Age, Net Worth & Latest Update After BGT

Noodle is a fictional character, a 25 year-old vocalist cat from Brighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom, in the hit reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023. He auditioned on Season 16 Episode 04, showcasing his remarkable talent on the BGT stage. In the semifinal, he showcased his talent once again. Despite the audience’s and judges’ positive reactions, he could not secure enough public votes to advance to the BGT final and was eliminated in the semifinal. His net worth is around 900,000 USD as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to him after BGT.

What is Noodle Doing Now?

Noodle is a fictional character. He resides with his family in Brighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom. He continues his career as a teacher and a singer. . 

Noodle net worth

Noodle has a net worth of around 900,000 USD as of 2023. He earns his income from his careers as a teacher and singer.

Noodle Biography

Noodle was born in 1998 in Brighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom, and is now 25 years old as of 2023. Standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall, he is British and follows Christianity. Noodle the Cat, a grey cartoon cat, captivated the audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent with its impressive vocals. The act surprised everyone with its silky-smooth voice and belted out a considerable ballad, leaving the judges open-mouthed. Noodle’s identity was a subject of speculation, with some viewers theorizing that it was a CGI creation. However, it was later revealed that Noodle was Tom Ball, a former contestant and runner-up from a previous show season.

Fast Facts

Known asNoodle
Real nameTom Ball
Age25 Years Old
BirthplaceBrighton, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Height5 Feet and 7 inches
Weight75 Kg
ProfessionTeacher, Singer, Influencer, Entrepreneur

Noodle Family & relationships

FartherChris Ball
MotherClaire Ball
SiblingsKatie Ball
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ SpouseUnknown

BGT Update

What happened to Noodle in Britain’s Got Talent Auditions?

Noodle the Cat, a cartoon cat, auditioned for Series 16 of Britain’s Got Talent with an impressive vocal performance. The judges and audience members were left stunned by Noodle’s silky-smooth voice and were amazed by the act. There was speculation among some viewers that Noodle was not a real cat but rather a CGI creation. The judges were surprised by the performance, and Noodle received four yeses from the judges and advanced to the next round of the competition.

What happened to Noodle in Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finals?

In the semifinal of Britain’s Got Talent, Noodle the Cat delivered another impressive performance with its vocals. However, during the semifinal, it was revealed that Noodle was Tom Ball, a former contestant and runner-up from a previous show season. Noodle’s talent and unique act blew away the judges and audience members. Noodle received positive comments from viewers, with many expressing amazement at the performance. Bruno said, “Right in target mission accomplished“, but he didn’t make it to final.

Facts we admire

  • Noodle’s admirable talent

He is admired for his talent, dedication, and positive impact in the music industry and education field.

  • Noodle is creative

He is very creative to catch the audience and the judges and not reveal the true identity until the semifinal.

Noodle Social Media

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