Mysterious Big-Eye Fish That Lives In The Deep Ocean Floor A Live Glimpse By A Teen!

Mysterious Big-Eye Fish That Lives In The Deep Ocean Floor | The Largest Eye-to-head Ratio In The World!

Imagine reaching into the vast darkness of the ocean and pulling out a creature with bulbous eyes. These mysterious fish with gigantic eyes are the big-eye grenadiers or onion-eye grenadiers. They live where sunlight fades, thriving in an environment as fascinating as it is inhospitable. A Norwegian teen once captured a live glimpse of this strange fish. The big-eye fish draw special attention for their unique adaptations and appearance. They have the largest eye-to-head ratio in the world. What makes these deep-sea dwellers stand out? Let’s dive in to uncover more about this fascinating creature.

A Live Glimpse Of Big-Eye Grenadier!

The Norwegian teen, Oscar Lundahl caught a live glimpse of the roughhead grenadier. He reeled in the remarkable creature with his fishing line set 800 meters deep. Oscar aimed for a blue halibut. But, what he caught was a mysterious big-eyed fish with an appearance so otherworldly. Unfortunately, due to the sudden change in pressure, the fish did not survive.

“It was pretty amazing. I have never seen anything like it before. It just looked weird, a bit dinosaur-like.”

mysterious big eye fish
Image source: Reddit

Understanding The Mysterious Big-Eye Fish

Grenadiers are commonly referred to as big-eye fish or rattails. They usually dwell in the great depths of the Antarctic ocean. The fish are a prime example of the extraordinary adaptations of animals to survive in the deep sea’s extreme conditions. They have large, pronounced eyes as they peer into the depths of the sea floor. These creatures are part of a group estimated to comprise up to 15% of the deep-sea fish population.

Grenadiers stay about 200 to 7,000 m (660–22,970 ft) below, very much close to the sea floor. They can grow up to 80-100 cm in body length and feed on crustaceans and sea cucumbers. There is a range of variations in the Grenadier family and how long they can live depends on various factors. However, they can generally live up to a maximum of 8 years.

Their vast array of adaptations doesn’t end with their vision. The grenadiers have a well-developed lateral line system. This lateral line makes it crucial for detecting their movement around them in the dark waters. Some species even boast photophores – light-producing organs that may play a role in attracting mates or prey.

Image source: 9GAG


The discovery of big-eyed fish like the roughhead grenadier fuels our imagination about what lies in the unexplored corners of our planet. As fascinating as they are, these mysterious creatures inspire us to think beyond the surface and consider the depths as a realm filled with life worth knowing and protecting.

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