Jamie Foxx - The Opera Singer You Never Knew and Other Hidden Talents

Jamie Foxx – The Opera Singer You Never Knew and Other Hidden Talents

When you think of Jamie Foxx, you may picture his brilliant acting or recall his hit songs. But did you know about Jamie Foxx’s opera talent? That’s right – beyond the screen and studio, Foxx is a good opera singer. Let’s explore the lesser-known aspects of Jamie Foxx’s career. Read on to discover more about this talented individual.

Jamie Foxx’s Multifaceted Career

Jamie Foxx, born as Eric Marlon Bishop, is not just an accomplished actor, but also a Grammy-winning musician and a comedian with a rich history in stand-up. With an Academy Award under his belt for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the film “Ray,” he has shown time and again that his talent knows no bounds. His smooth transition from comedy in “The Jamie Foxx Show” to weighty roles in films like “Collateral” illustrates his natural ability to shift between genres.

Jamie Foxx’s Hidden Talent as an Opera Singer

It might come as a surprise, but Jamie Foxx is no stranger to opera. His operatic skills came to light in unexpected places. An example of his opera talent is his performance with Andrea Bocelli. They delivered a unique rendition of “My Way,” where Foxx’s voice complemented Bocelli’s piano. This happened at the Hollywood Bowl, a memorable union of Foxx’s vocal power and Bocelli’s pianism.


Jamie Foxx joins Andrea Bocelli for “My away” at the Hollywood Bowl 6/19/19. Filmed from the pool. #jamiefoxx #andreabocelli #americansongbook #sinatra #hollywoodbowl #losangeles #livemusic #2019concert

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Another example to Foxx’s versatility was an unforgettable opera performance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.” Given the task of singing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” in an opera style, Foxx did not disappoint. He embraced the “Pavarotti style” and showcased not just his voice but also a flair for drama and playfulness, mimicking “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Other Hidden Talents of Jamie Foxx

Beyond his acting chops and opera singing, Jamie Foxx is also a seasoned pianist, having started playing at the young age of five. His musical abilities have been displayed in award-winning collaborations and acclaimed albums. Foxx has also shown an athletic side, having been a quarterback in his high school football team.

His heart for giving back is another talent. Jamie has been involved in food drives and other charitable acts, demonstrating a commitment to social good beyond his entertainment career.


Jamie Foxx is a man of many talents: an actor, singer, comedian, pianist, athlete, and philanthropist. His foray into opera adds yet another layer to his impressive repertoire. As we continue to appreciate Jamie Foxx’s varied contributions, his ability to continually surprise and engage us is a talent. Let’s stay tuned to see what Jamie Foxx will amaze us with next.


What are some notable opera performances by Jamie Foxx?

Foxx’s collaboration with Andrea Bocelli and his opera-style performance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” are standout moments.

Can Jamie Foxx play any musical instruments?

Yes, Jamie Foxx is a talented pianist and has played since he was five.

How does Jamie Foxx contribute to social justice and activism?

Foxx has participated in various charity acts and public service announcements, promoting the importance of giving back to the community.

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