This Man Had An 800-Year-Old Mummy in Bag — Whom He Called, His 'Spiritual Girlfriend'!

This Man Had An 800-Year-Old Mummy in Bag — Whom He Called, His ‘Spiritual Girlfriend’!

Have you ever thought of the chances of seeing an ancient mummified body in a food delivery bag? Well, this once-in-a-lifetime scenario took place in Peru. In Puno, Peru, authorities were once shocked to uncover an 800-year-old mummy tucked away in a food delivery bag, that carried the logo of a well-known South American takeout company. A 26-year-old man took the mummified body into his possession almost 30 years ago and he claims that it is his spiritual girlfriend “Juanita.” However, after investigations, the police revealed something even more shocking about the Mummy! Let’s dive into the details of this bizarre story.

Juan Bermejo: The Man With The Mummy As His Girlfriend!

Juan Bermejo, the 26-year-old man who got caught with the mummy in an isothermal delivery bag. The mummy He referred to it as his “spiritual girlfriend.” Bermejo’s attachment to the mummy had a haunting depth. Bermejo was not alone in bringing home the girlfriend. His father also supported him in this eerie task. The mummy was lying in a fetal position, inside the red bag with a reflective inner lining.

“At home, she’s in my room, she sleeps with me. I take care of her.”

Juan Bermejo (he said in a video that went viral on social media)
800-Year-Old Mummy in Bag
Image source: NBC
800-Year-Old Mummy in Bag
Image source: Daily Mail (Juan Bermejo, the man who had the 800-year-old mummy in his possession)

The Truth Unveiled: ‘Juanita’ is Actually ‘Juan’

Bermejo claimed to have a connection beyond the physical with ‘Juanita.’ However, the Ministry of Culture said that the pre-Hispanic mummy was not a female but a male. This mummified adult male is around 45 years old and likely from the eastern area of Puno. It is a region in the Peruvian Andes, around 1,300 kilometers southeast of Lima.

“It’s not a Juanita, it’s a Juan.”

A specialist at the ministry affirmed.

He told the police that he was not trying to sell the preserved body. He was carrying it around to show his friends. The culture ministry took the mummified remains in their position with the hope of preserving them.


Our story winds down as we summarize the bewildering journey of an 800-year-old mummy, from its ancient origin to the modern curiosity it became. We’ve traversed a path that crosses environmental responsibility, cultural appreciation, and the human penchant for connecting with the ancient world.

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