100-Year-Old Mummy Of A Little Girl That Blinks Her Eyes | Mystery Of Rosalia Lombardo!

Born into early 20th century Palermo, Rosalia's life was cut short by pneumonia just before her second birthday. Her story is a poignant reminder of the Spanish Flu's toll.

Devastated by his daughter's untimely death, Mario Lombardo sought to preserve her memory, instructing embalmer Alfredo Salafia to make her 'live forever.

Salafia's revolutionary technique preserved Rosalia as one of the world's best-preserved mummies, her peaceful expression frozen in time.

Decades later, historian Piombino-Mascali discovered Salafia's embalming formula. A mix of formalin, zinc salts, alcohol, salicylic acid, and glycerin kept Rosalia impeccably preserved.

Rosalia rests in the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo, among over 8,000 souls. These catacombs hold a unique place in history, showcasing societal remembrance practices.

The phenomenon of Rosalia's blinking eyes has puzzled many. Scientifically, it's attributed to temperature changes and optical illusions, yet the mystery endures.

Rosalia Lombardo's story is a testament to the power of memory and science, inviting us to ponder our cultural heritage and the legacy we leave behind.