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Meet Heidi Klum Golden Buzzer Lily Meola AGT 2022 + Net worth

AGT has always been about Being Impressive. The person who has been impressive the most gets to claim the AGT title each year. Although a participant has to complete several rounds, each contestant receives hints from the judges in each round. The best way to get such hints, as well as be among the luckiest contestant, is a Golden Buzzer.

Lily Meola is such a contestant who not only got lucky to have a Heidi Klum Golden Buzzer 2022. This article will reveal Lily Meola’s biography, family and relationships, Lily Meola’s song career, net worth, social media, and some FAQs.

Lily Meola biography

Lily Meola is from Maui, Hawaii. She was born in 1995 in Hawaii. Lily has not been the typical academic student in the class as her interests had been lying in Music. She has not revealed her birthday yet. The 27 years old songwriter is currently living in California. Lily has not told much about her parents, and the only thing to knows about her mother is she is dead due to cancer.

She has been a creative girl from the youngest age, and she has got skills in songwriting and singing. According to some of her Social media and Internet interviews, she has one place too long. Although traveling is required for artists, Lily had to choose it eventually as her financial needs increased. She has moved from one place to another for singing. Lily had not taken the education further and stepped into creating her career.

Family and relationship

Lily Meola is among the most determined young personalities to have featured on AGT. She had to sing in cafes at the age of 11. The lack of relationships made her do that. Although she had her mother, it was not enough, along with the heavy burden.

As Lily mentioned during the AGT stage, her only relationship was with her dead mother, Nancy Meola. Her mother died in 2020 due to cancer, and she has been her mother’s caretaker for a long time. Lily doesn’t have any brothers and sisters as well. It is too early to mention Lily’s relationships with boys. It seems she loves to stay single, and she will fulfill her dreams alone.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Among the thousands of contestants on AGT, it was Meola who could stand and deliver the best, putting her worries aside. After saying a bit of her story, Simon asked if she could perform on the AGT at the moment as well. It was a yes from Lily. “When we were the kids in the backyard” was the song she sang. It had been written by herself.

She had a nice story in the song, which could entertain everyone in the audience as well. ‘I think your mom was watching you tonight. I think you knew what you were doing,” said Sofia. There were three consecutive yesses and up to Heidi Klum for comments. What she did was… She gave her only chance to send Lily into Semis, and then she stepped onto the stage to hug Lily. So it was last Golden Buzzer AGT 2022.

Golden Buzzer: Lily Meola’s Original Song “Daydream” Makes Heidi Klum Emotional | AGT 2022

Lily Meola songs Career

The young talent has been singing in cafes from the youngest age. Most people did not know that she was a creative writer who was influenced by Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Ella Fitzgerald. It is crucial that Lily had not been just a classical songwriter but got several other trends from the latest songs. For example, Shereen, James Blake, Rihanna, Alabama Shakes, and Frank Ocean were a few of the modern influencers of Lily. Lily said on the AGT that she was after a record deal, publishing deal, as well as almost everything. All of them had to be given up as she was her mother’s full-time caretaker.

The Andra Day single “Amen” was the most important among the list of songs Lily Meola involved. The song has featured in some of the most crucial recent events, such as Genesis and Hyundai. At present, Lily is working alongside The Futuristics, Amy Wadge, Oak Felder, Tommy English, Lauren Christy, Natalie Hemby, Emily Weisband, Hilary Lindsey, Lori McKenna,  and Stint.

Lily Meola net worth

AGT Singer Lily Meola’s net worth is around $100,000. Her work in music, social media influencing, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship brought this net worth to Lily. Although she had got lots of opportunities to go ahead in the Music field, she could not complete any of them. That is why she is sticking to a small net worth. Now, the world knows her, and she will have an awesome songwriting and singing career. If she wins the AGT title this year, she will be a millionaire. Don’t forget, she is semis now.

Golden Buzzer Lily Meola in America's Got Talent
Golden Buzzer Lily Meola in America’s Got Talent

Social media

Lily is available on every viral social media. There are 16.7KFollowers on Tik Tok. When it comes to Instagram, she has 26.2k followers. She is still growing on YouTube and Facebook as well. Lily has got her own website.


How old is Golden Buzzer Lily Meola?

The Golden Buzzer Lily Meola is 27 years old.

Where is Lily Meola from?

Lily Meola is from Hawaii.

Where does Lily Meola live?

She is living in California at present.

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