Kylie Jenner is Now A Bratz Doll!

Kylie Jenner is Now A Bratz Doll!

Kylie Jenner, the reality TV star and businesswoman has some exciting news to share with the world. Surprisingly it does not involve her cosmetics or the popular reality TV show ‘The Kardashians.’ Brace yourselves as Kylie Jenner is now a Bratz Doll!

The Bratz doll brand has partnered with Kylie to release miniature dolls. The Jenner lookalike dolls feature some of her iconic met gala outfits and many more. Partnering with Bratz to release her own doll collection has been a life-long dream of Jenner. Let’s have a look at this iconic release.

I have been a fan of Bratz since childhood and I’ve always wanted my own Bratz doll. “I have loved every step of the process this past year in creating these dolls alongside the Bratz team,” said Kylie in one of her press releases.

Image source: CNN Style

The Kylie and Bratz collection was released last Tuesday, August 01, 2023. The news broke on the internet like wildfire ever since the release. The collection is a limited-time offer and is the first time Bratz has transformed a celebrity into a doll.

This is a seminal moment in Bratz history to join forces with Kylie Jenner as the brand’s first-ever celebrity collaboration. We couldn’t be prouder to welcome Kylie into the Bratz family,” said Jasmin Larian, Creative director of Bratz in a statement.

Currently, Bratz has introduced six mini dolls in the collection. Each doll represents a key moment in Jenner’s life. Each doll comes in two packages. One has a doll in it and the other has an accessory. The Kylie doll is now available to shop on Amazon, Walmart, and Target as well.

Image source: Kylie Jenner Instagram


The popular reality TV star and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner has surprising news for the world. Kylie is ready to take the toy world with an iconic collection of her Bratz dolls! The release has stormed the internet. Kylie and Bratz’s collection features some of the most memorable outfits and moments of Kylie’s life.

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