Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Silence On The Israel-Palestine War!

Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Silence On The Israel-Palestine War!

Kim Kardashian has posted a statement on her Instagram, calling for compassion towards innocent victims. This is all amid the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. She said that her heart breaks seeing the images of children and innocent people murdered and terrorized. Not just in Israel, but also in Palestine, and even Armenia. It is something that she has tried to raise awareness of for years. Read on to find out what her statement said.

Kim Kardashian’s Sharing Her Thoughts

My heart is broken seeing the videos of these babies and families being terrorized and murdered in front of the whole world! she continued As human beings with a heart, how can anyone not be devastated by these horrific images that we will never be able to unsee?

A message to my Jewish friends and family. I love you. I support you. I have heard about how scared you feel during this time. And I want you to know you are not alone in this.

Kim Kardashian

The history between Israelis and Palestinians is very complex and remains a very controversial topic. Kardashian said that the brutal terrorism taking place in Israel is making both sides suffer. The citizens pay the price for the ongoing war.

No matter who [sic] side you are on, or how you have been triggered by the horrors of these past few days, our hearts should always have room for compassion towards innocent victims caught in the crosshairs of warring over power, politics, religion, race, and ethnicity.

Kim Kardashian

Shedding Light On Forgotten Struggles In Armenia!

Kim also said that she and her family are praying for the safe return of hostages and for peace for all the innocent. Kim, who is half Armenian, also brought attention to something else. She spoke about the people who are the victims of an ethnic cleansing themselves in Armenia. Kim has pointed out for years that there is minimal media coverage of the Armenian Genocide. She has also raised the point that there has been no external support. Especially for the people suffering through an “ethnic cleansing” in Artsakh.

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