The heroic act of a 12-year-old Texas girl who saves her family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and a lot of people don’t realize this until it’s too late. This gas has a fatal effect on people as many fail to identify the gas due to its odorless and colorless nature. It is of utmost importance to have these gas detectors installed in every household.

The Incident

Jaziyah Parker in Fort Worth, Texas, underwent a horrific encounter with the fatal gas. Due to her quick actions, she was able to save her whole family after requesting help on time.

The girl dialed 911 to obtain assistance. She has mentioned to the dispatcher that her mom has passed out and she believes that she is dead. She has told that her baby brother is not well as well.

At first, they were acting normal and when I came back to my room, they started screaming and throwing up and stuff and they started to pass out,” Jaziyah told ABC News.

The cause for this excessive spread of carbon monoxide was someone accidentally leaving the car running in the garage which filled the entire house with the gas. 

The Rescue and Recovery

I saw her sister on the stairwell had collapsed and vomited. I saw her brother upstairs and he had vomited, and I knew that they only had minutes,” firefighter Robby Leon-Guerreo explained to WFAA 8.

Jaziyah passed out as soon as the first firefighter Leon Guerreo entered the scene. If not for the girl’s quick thinking and action something extremely terrifying would have happened to the whole family. The Fort Worth fire department is encouraging household people to install these detectors to avoid such incidents from happening.

Fortunately, the entire family recovered from this exposure and is thankful to have survived. Jaziyah was honored with a plaque for her brave act by Fort Worth city leaders and firefighters.

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