Jon Courtenay Winner & Golden Buzzer BTG 2020

Jon Courtenay Winner & Golden Buzzer BTG 2020

Not so many people have been able to get a gold buzzer in BTG and claim the winning rumor from the very first attempt. Jon Courtenay is undoubtedly the first of its kind. That is not only because he did a great job through his performance at BGT, but he had skin cancer at the same time.

Jon Courtenay biography

John Courtenay was born on 4 March 1973 in Greater Manchester, England. The 49-year-old star has not revealed much of his schooling, childhood, and early memories. It is clear that he has not had much from his childhood as he just popped out of his egg very recently. However, Jon has been playing since he was 05 years and his mother is the person responsible for that.

Family and relationships

The earliest relationship Jon had was with his parents. His father’s name is Tim Saunders, who passed away in 2013, Jon has not revealed his mother. Although there is not much about them, John once said that his mother taught him to play the piano.

When coming to his family, his wife, Emma, is his inspiration. She did everything for his sake during his struggle with cancer while he was contesting for the BGT title. The 44-year-old Emma has been married to John for more than 15 years.

John has two kids, Nathan and Alfie. Nathan is 15 years old, and the youngest is Alfie, who is just nine. The kids ran onto the stage as soon as their father got the BGT title, and it was a heartwarming story for the audience.  

Jon Courtenay with his wife and children
Jon Courtenay with his wife and children

What happened at BGT?

Britain’s Got talent was the biggest achievement for Jon Courtenay.

Jon Courtenay played an original comedy song and seemed a normal contestant from the beginning. He had his wife and children on the side of the stage, and his youngest child ran to him. Although the audience thought that Alfie was the biggest fan of Jon Courtenay, they were wrong. The Britain’s Got talent host Ant and Dec gave okay to his performance along with the golden buzzer. Jon Courtenay was in the semifinals.

The final was the next biggest thing as he was sent to the final by the judges due to his improved performance with the song ‘When I Was A Boy. John chose the “Small things that can make people happy” for the final. Finally, he became the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2020.

Alesha said that it was a great performance from a unique person who was there to make them laugh and cry all in one act. Simon and Amanda also agreed to Alesha, and he was up to the people’s vote, which he could fulfil to claim the BGT title.


Jon Courtenay is a person who has got several skills in the same category. John is popular as a singer who has comedian as well as onstage-idea generating skills. In the earliest times, when he was about 25, John performed as a comedy magician in touring hotels and various theatres around the country as well. He names himself a pianist who has humorous skills.

John developed his piano skills and then joined all of them into one act. That made him suited for cruise ships where john got to show skills to an increased audience. Spain and Cyprus were two destinations that his career led him to. However, the world-known Jon Courtenay came to the attention with his participation in Britain’s Got Talent in 2020 and winning it.

Jon Courtenay social media

Jon Courtenay’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok YouTube. He is just posting about family and his performing stuff on social media. Although he doesn’t do influencing stuff on social media, he has got an average audience of 50,000+ on every social media platform as well.

Jon Courtenay with his sons Nathan and Alfie
Jon Courtenay with his sons Nathan and Alfie

Jon Courtenay net worth

Jon Courtney has an approximate net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million Approx. It contains his earnings that came from stage performing, BGT winning price, and his commercial appearances for some brands.

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Where is Jon Courtenay now?

He is currently living in London, the United Kingdom, with his family. 

How old is Jon Courtenay?

Jon Courtney is 49 years old, and he just had his 49th birthday last month.

How far did Jon Courtenay go in BGT?

He was the winner of the BGT due to his unique skills and performance.

What is a rumor about Jon Courtenay’s BGT head injury?

The rumor about Jon Courtenay’s head injury was that he had to face skin cancer while he was competing in BGT. Since Ant and Dec gave the clearance, he could contest on AGT and win the title.

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