Jamie Foxx wins The Best Actor Oscar for Ray Relive the Magic of the Winning Moment

Jamie Foxx wins The Best Actor Oscar for Ray: Relive the Magic of the Winning Moment

When we think of Jamie Foxx, we know him for the variety in his performances. He has a unique way of telling stories through his dynamic and versatile character portrayals. Jamie is a triple threat as he is a master of comedy, music, and acting. He has performed many iconic and memorable roles throughout his career.

His one performance that reached legendary status was his portrayal of Ray Charles in the film Ray. This article tells us how Jamie Foxx magically transformed into the iconic Ray Charles. Find out how Jamie managed to give his audiences an award-winning performance, and with it, a reason to remember his name.

The Role that Defined Jamie Foxx’s Career

Jamie was an actor who took his performances seriously. The unforgettable portrayal of Ray gave this character a life beyond the expectations of the role. He wasn’t just portraying a character. For the duration of the film, Jamie became Ray Charles.

This performance was the turning point of his career. He received well-deserved recognition that helped transform him from being simply a gifted performer to an Oscar-winning actor. Winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance as Ray was the ultimate career-defining moment. This moment gave us a real glimpse into his range, versatility, and depth as an artist.

The Transformation of Jamie Foxx into ‘Ray’

Saying that Jamie Foxx became Ray is not an exaggeration. Foxx underwent many challenges to prepare for the role of the visually challenged legendary Ray Charles. He wore specially designed eyewear that impaired his vision. Jamie embraced this blindness, as it allowed him to authentically experience the impact of impaired sight on movements and interactions.

He worked with blindness experts, who took him through everyday interactions. Jamie learnt how to walk, eat, and play the piano as a blind person. This dedication helped him accurately portray the physical limitations and nuances of Charles’s movements.

He even met with the real Ray Charles and learnt how to be him from observation. Jamie even went as far as to improve his piano and vocal skills to match those of Ray. He expressed a desire to be able to perform most of the film soundtracks himself.

This commitment to authenticity went beyond just mimicking physical attributes and mannerisms. He committed himself to understanding Ray’s inner struggles and triumphs. He studied and embraced the emotional depth behind his music and the spirit of the man himself. Finally, he managed to deliver an award-winning, masterful performance that resonated with audiences worldwide.

What makes ‘Ray’ different from others?

The portrayal of Ray Charles promised to be a unique performance from the moment Jamie was cast for the role. The staggering effort he gave to prepare himself to be Ray went far beyond the expectations of any casting director. Everything he did, including his face-to-face interaction with Ray, provided invaluable insights into his personality to strengthen his performance. Foxx accurately captured Ray Charles’s spirit on screen rather than just portraying him as a character.

In the video below, you will see clearly how much Jamie more than deserved the acclamation for his award-winning performance.

Jamie Foxx’s Legacy Post-Oscar Win

Jamie Foxx grabbed the attention of Hollywood and the world when he won the Oscar. Before his triumph, he suffered under the stereotype of a comedic actor who excelled in minor roles. However, despite the tremendous effort that went into preparation for the role, Jamie remained sceptical about his nomination. He said, “When I was up for the Oscar I didn’t take it seriously at all, I thought there was no way to win that”. 

 This performance exploded his reputation as an actor and identified him as a powerful force in the industry. He was approached with many offers for diverse roles as the industry began to acknowledge his versatility. Winning the Oscar even encouraged him to try his hand at directing. He also committed to social causes and activism and contributed significantly to bringing diversity to casting in Hollywood. 

With ‘Ray’, he created a new standard for depicting life stories. This powerful representation of famous African American figures in cinema continues to echo today.

Other awards and nominations

The Oscar for Best Actor was only one of many awards that Jamie Foxx’s brilliant portrayal of Ray Charles earned him. Other awards include;

  • Golden Globe Award: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama (2005)
  • BAFTA Award: Best Actor in a Leading Role (2005)
  • Screen Actors Guild Award: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role (2005)
  • Critics’ Choice Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Chicago Film Critics Association Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Florida Film Critics Circle Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award: Best Actor (2004)
  • Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award: Best Actor (2004)
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award: Best Actor (2004)
  • National Board of Review Award: Best Actor (2004)
  • NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture (2005)
  • Online Film Critics Society Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Award: Best Actor (2005)
  • San Diego Film Critics Society Award: Best Actor (2004)
  • Satellite Award: Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama (2004)
  • Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award: Best Actor (2004)


The award-winning performance of Ray has ensured that the name Jamie Foxx is forever inscribed in history. This is nothing less than an inspiring tale of perseverance and dedication. The Oscar validated his achievement and allowed him to use this moment as inspiration. The performance has forever changed the world’s view of African Americans in cinema. Jamie single-handedly demonstrated that there is no dream too big to achieve if you work hard and persevere.


What made Jamie Foxx’s performance as Ray Charles so special?

This powerful portrayal received so much attention because of Foxx’s commitment. This included the lengths to which he went to make the performance real. Including wearing prosthetics to simulate blindness and undergoing training to navigate without sight. He also took piano and vocal lessons to replicate Ray Charles’s unique tone. He also met with the real Ray Charles to understand him better.

How did Jamie Foxx feel when he won the Oscar?

Jamie’s acceptance speech at the Oscars says it all. “I stand here tonight as Jamie Foxx, an African American, representing every single person of colour who has ever been told that they couldn’t do this.”

What cultural impact did Jamie Foxx’s win have?

Foxx made a significant impact on the industry, as he was one of the few black actors to win the Best Actor award at that time. He was an inspiration to future generations, and this moment is acclaimed as a starting point for diversity and acceptance in the industry.

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