Meet Ventriloquist Jack Williams at AGT 2022 + Net worth

Meet Ventriloquist Jack Williams at AGT 2022 + Net worth

The young Jack Williams was very much highlighted in the last episode of AGT. He performed a powerful, creative and confident act in front of the American audience. His audition is very unique and different from the performance of the other. AGT Jack received a standing ovation from all four judges. All the judges were on their feet. AGT Jack handled the received 2 minutes on the AGT stage very handsomely. This article will read about his life, family, relationships, career, and more details that you want to know.

Jack Williams biography

AGT Jack is a popular Ventriloquist. He is also known as a singer. Jack’s full name is Jack Williams. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Williams is 25 years old. His birth year is 1997. There is no information about his birthday. At the moment it is not clear whether Williams is married or not. Jack’s both eye color and hair color are Dark Brown.

Initially, he went to a private high school for his primary education. Then Jack attends New College in Oxford. He is a Graduate. AGT Jack’s approximate height is 178 cm. His approximate weight is 73kg. He is a talkative person and can speak really fast. The young man started things at the age of 12. Then he began to perform professionally at the age of 14 as a Ventriloquist.

Ventriloquist Jack Williams in America's Got Talent
Ventriloquist Jack Williams in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

There is nothing about his family information.  Nevertheless, nobody knows what her parents’ names are. There are no details about her mom and dad. Nobody knows about his affairs and relationships.   

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

Jack Williams came to the AGT stage Initially, the lady judge Heidi said, “I’m guessing you are a magician.” She says. “Closed” I am a Ventriloquist,” Jack says. “Terry was one of the first ventriloquists I ever saw, and when I saw him on the stage I just thought, ‘I wanna do that, that’s amazing’ Jack said. He performed a ventriloquist act where his puppet rabbit foster attempts to steal his act.

AGT jack and the Foster recite some tongue-twisters to determine who is the best ventriloquist. Jack and Foster suddenly have changed their voices and it is a very creative act. After the performance, Terry says, “wow! Judges are on their feet.” The crowd went crazy for jack’s performance.  Eventually, all the judges voted four yes votes and send him to the next round.


Before coming to the American Got Talent, Jack had worked as a Ventriloquist. He has worked for almost 10 years. He performed in several clubs and theatres across the Midwest. He goes to perform in the Los Angeles club circuit.

In 2021, Jack went viral for his video related to delaying the voice. He delays his voice while speaking. The voice follows a few seconds later. It went viral on social media platforms. That video helps to increase his fan base up to 1 million on TikTok. He performed in short films like “Yummy on xumo”. Also, he performed on venus like Hollywood Palladium Comedy Night.

Social Media

Jack Williams AGT singer is on Instagram at @puppetjack_. He has posted 40 posts on it. Jack has 6069 followers now on Instagram. His performance on AGT is getting viral on YouTube. It has passed 1.5 million views within 3 weeks.

You can watch AGT Jack on TikTok media. He has 1.1 million followers in it. AGT Jack is really best at TikTok. Jack is available on TikTok at Puppetjack_. AGT Williams has over 12.8 million views on TikTok. Also, it is not easy to earn 27.9 million likes.

Jack has also appeared on the YouTube channel of Rhett James and Charles Lincoln. That famous show, Good Mythical Morning boasts more than 2 million views.

Jack Williams Net Worth

There is no exact figure about his net worth. AGT Jack’s approximate net worth is $ 2 million. It is sure that Jack is earning good money with his demand. He is doing in his profession since the age of 12. Also, Jack has been involved for many years in performing stage shows and tv shows.


There is nothing much about AGT Ventriloquist’s personal life, family, and net worth. No information about his mom, dad, and siblings. But most of Williams’s career facts are here in this article.  Even though he is well known on TikTok, there is nothing much about his personal life. However, Jack Williams AGT will come with some creative performance in the very next round. Keep in touch!


How old is Jack Williams AGT?

Jack Williams is 25 years of age.

Where is from Jack Williams?

Jack Williams is from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who is Jack Williams?

He is a Ventriloquists.

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