What Happened to Ella Rose in BGT 2024?

Best known for her amazing card trick that amazed the judges and audience on Britain’s Got Talent 2024.

Age (at audition)9 Years
Home TownTamworth
Position ReachedAdvanced to next round

Ella Rose is a nine-year-old schoolgirl from Tamworth. She impressed the judges and audience with her magical card trick during her audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2024. Her performance earned her a spot in the next round, showcasing her talent and passion for magic as a little girl.


Ella Rose comes from Tamworth and has been passionate about magic from a young age. She is schoolgirl at the time of her audition, Ella’s love for magic was encouraged by her family, especially her father. Before her appearance on BGT, Ella enjoyed performing magic tricks for her family and friends. Her dream was to perform in front of Simon Cowell and to eventually showcase her talent to the King.

Ella Rose Biography 

Ella Rose, a nine-year-old magician from Tamworth, has been passionate about magic from a young age.

Real Name Ella Rose
Age9 years

Family & Relationships

There are not much informatioin about her family and realtionships. However, Ella Rose’s family has been very supportive of her passion for magic.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


During her audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2024, Ella Rose performed a card trick that left the judges and audience in amaze. She asked judges Bruno, Alesha, and Amanda to select three cards each and place them in random pages of her favorite book. She then had Simon remove all but one card and asked him to note the final word on the page, which was “feather.”

To everyone’s attention, Ella waved her magic wand and produced a large white feather, matching the word in the book. The cards’ backside images, when aligned together, also spelled out “feather.” The judges, especially Simon, were thoroughly impressed, and Ella received high praise for her clever and enchanting performance.

 “People do have magic powers and I loved your whole presentation”

Simon Cowell


Ella Rose’s magical performance on Britain’s Got Talent 2024 showcased her talent and passion for magic. Her clever card trick and attractive presentation earned her a spot in the next round. Ella’s journey on BGT is just beginning, and she has already made a significant impression on both the judges and viewers at home.

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