What Happened to DaksDominoes in AGT 2024?

DaksDominoes surprised the AGT judges with their stunning domino toppling act, moving on to the next round.

DaksDominoes at AGT 2024 (Instagram / @daksdominoes)
Age (at audition)23 Years
Home TownSioux Center, IA
ActDomino Artists
Position ReachedAdvanced to next round

DaksDominoes, a Guinness record holder impressed the audience with their elaborate domino toppling act with over 10 000 dominoes. So, the audience were blown away by their performance and all judges said “Yes,” advancing them to the next round.

Derek and Alex Koops are twin brothers from Sioux Center, Iowa, who are 23 years old. However, They have been building domino structures since 2011.

“We performed in front of 2,000-3,000 people, which is more than what we’ve ever done before.” said Alex before their AGT presence.

Their amazing domino act had everyone amazed. Let’s explore the life of this duo going through their background and he performance at AGT 24.


Derek and Alex Koops come from Sioux Center, Iowa. They developed a passion for domino art during their early years and started posting videos online.

Before AGT, Derek and Alex gained fame on YouTube and TikTok for their creative domino builds. They were inspired by The Kinetic King, a former AGT contestant.

In 2022, Derek and Alex teamed up with Lyle Broughton as the Dominerds, winning FOX’s show “Domino Masters.” They also set multiple world records with Sprice, another domino artist.

In 2022, they created the longest domino wall ever, using over 54,000 dominoes to construct a wall that stretched for 169 feet and 7 inches.

In 2024, they built the largest 2-dimensional domino pyramid, which stood over 10 feet tall and included more than 8,100 dominoes.

DaksDominoes Biography 

Real Name Derek KoopsAlex Koops
BirthplaceSioux Center, IASioux Center, IA
ProfessionDomino ArtistDomino Artist
DaksDominoes Bio

Family & Relationships

Derek and Alex are twin brothers. Their family has been very supportive of their unique career path in domino artistry.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


DaksDominoes’ audition on AGT 2024 was a stunning domino chain reaction to the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. Howie Mandel was invited to start the domino topple.

The brothers built their creation overnight, using over 10,000 dominoes and incorporating various Rube Goldberg Machine stunts. Despite a near mishap with a small cup tower, the domino chain worked perfectly.

“It’s definitely something that shows up how difficult it is. It is something special. I don’t think anyone can do this kind of stuff. I mean it was super entertaining”, Sofía Vergara said.

All four judges voted “Yes,” sending DaksDominoes to the next round.

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