What Happened to Charlie Lewton in BGT 2024?

Charlie Lewton is best known for his screamo singing act in BGT 2024!

Charlie Lewton BGT 2024
Age (at audition)16 Years
Home TownSummerset
ActScreamo Singing
Position ReachedRejected
BGT 2024

On the sixth episode of Britain’s Got Talent 2024, 16-year-old Deathcore vocalist Charlie Lewton from Summerset performed screamo singing. He came to the BGT auditions with high expectations and performed Alesha Dixon’s “The Boy Does Nothing”. However, he failed to impress and was rejected by the judge’s panel. 


Charlie, a 16-year-old deathcore vocalist on BGT’s season 17, sixth episode, is making his stage debut in front of everyone. He is currently working as the lead singer for an upcoming deathcore band, Immortal Reign!

Charlie Lewton’s Biography 

Charlie is a 16-year-old teenager and deathcore vocalist from Summerset.

Real Name Charlie Lewton
Age16 Years
ProfessionDeathcore vocalist
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

Charlie Lewton has a very supportive family. His parents and his little sister came to the auditions with him. They encouraged him during his performance. 

Charlie’s parents cheering him up during his performance.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Charlie Lewton introduced himself and his family. His parents and little sister were in the audience. He seemed nervous, and he started singing The Boy Does Nothing. which was released by Alesha Dixon in 2008. In the beginning, Alesha and the other judges seemed impressed, but when he started screaming the lyrics, Alesha pressed the red buzzer, and Amanda Holden covered ears with her hands. Alesha also pressed Amada’s red buzzer. Simon Cowell gave a standing ovation to Charlie to tease Alesha.

He just murdered my song!

Alesha Dixon

Alesha commented, “I’ve literally heard that song in every version you could possibly think of, and that was my least favorite; it’s a no from me!” and Amada commented, “Awful,” during his performance. and Simon asked Alesha, Why did you pick that song? to tease her. Charlie got three “no”s from the judge’s panel.

BGT 2024

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Sixteen-year-old Charlie Lewton from Summerset came to auditions with dreams of winning BGT 2024. The judges did not find an impression from his Screamo singing act, and they rejected him with “no” replies.

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