What Happened to Brent Street in AGT 2024?

All judges loved remarkable dance act of Brent Street earning them the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel at AGT 2024.

Brent Street with Howie Mandel at AGT 2024 ( Instagram/ @brentstreet)
Age (at audition)Not Specified
Home TownSydney, Australia
Position ReachedSemi- Finals

Brent Street amazed the audience with their dance performance, earning a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel. So, all the judges were blown away by their act and it could be able to send them straight to the live shows.

However, This is a dance group that comes from Sydney, Australia and it could impress everyone with their creative choreography. Let’s have a close look at who this dance group really is and their performance at AGT 24.


Brent Street is based in Sydney, Australia. Everyone calls it as Australia’s Home of Performing Arts. The group is led by Lucas Newland.

Before AGT, they appeared in a documentary series called Dance Life on Amazon Prime.

The group performs various dance styles and is known for its creativity and precision. Many members have been dancing for years and have trained hard to reach this level.

Brent Street Biography 

Real Name Brent Street Group
ProfessionDancers at Brent Street

Family & Relationships

Zach and his fellow dancers are like a family. They share a strong bond and support each other in every performance. They often post about their practice sessions and achievements on social media.

There no specific updates about the group members’ families and relationships.

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Brent Street’s audition was full of surprises. It began with Zach alone on stage, dancing under a black sheet. Soon, the rest of the group joined him, dancing from behind a sheet, creating an exciting visual for the audience.

Their dance started to NF’s “Hope,” and the choreography was stunning. Heidi Klum said, “That was so exciting… Very well done.” Sofia Vergara added, “The coolest thing I’ve seen today.”

“Apart from what they were doing with their bodies, it was what they were doing with their brains, because this was such a well-thought out, creative original,”

“Even though there were a lot of you, it was almost like there was just one. I’m guessing this took months and months to prepare. And I could see just after how much it means to each one of you individually. That’s the kind of audition we love on this show.” Simon Cowell said.

Howie Mandel was deeply impressed. He hit the Golden Buzzer, sending them straight to the live shows.

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Featured image credits: : Instagram/ @brentstreet

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