BGT aerialist Itzel Salvatierra Shocks The Judges & Audience

Mexican Aerialist Itzel Salvatierra Shocks Judges and Audience on Britain’s Got Talent.

Itzel Salvatierra is an aerial hoop acrobat who in BGT 2024, season 17, episode 05. She has a health condition called fibromyalgia which causes immense pain in her body parts. Despite her situation, she worked for her passion and became successful. Which helped her reach the next round of BGT 2024.

Itzel in BGT 2024

This amazing performance shocked the judges as well as the audience. She said that she has been in this field for almost 30 years and she is planning on quitting this. And Itzel mentioned that she joined the BGT 2024 stage to show people what she is capable of doing and hopefully to make her last performance a memorable one.

With her mesmerizing performance, she got the chance to qualify to the next round with all four yeses. Viewers can see how amazing her performance was by looking at judge, Simon Cowells reaction. The audience as well as Simon Cowell was compelled to give her a standing ovation for her surprising and her amazing talent.

Alesha was so surprised by Itzel’s performance she said that the practice she had for all these years have paid-off.

well your 30 years of doing this was clear for all of us to see Perfection nothing bad to say about this other than that was incredible and you are phenomenal.

Alesha Dixon

And Amanda added, as Itzel was doing this for over 30 years, she must have started it when she was child which made it more fascinating and challenging.

you must have started this when you were like a child and you have your own children now to look after and to know that you’ve gone out there every single day and performed like that you are a true artist and that was incredible. well done.

Amanda Holden

Not only the judges, Itzel mesmerized the whole audience with her talent which left them stunned. Some comments from the YouTube video shows how shocked an thrilled the audience was to see her perform. Some say that she deserved the golden buzzer for her amazing performance.

She is the best aerialist I have ever seen. This was buzzer worthy.

fan’s comment

The whole audience as well as her fans were shocked to see her amazing performance. “Spinning from her neck was crazy! Phenomenal artist!!!”. “She is the best aerialist I have ever seen. This was buzzer worthy”. “This should have been the Golden Buzzer tonight so amazing too watch I was mesmerized Wow loved it”.  “She’s a former Cirque du Soleil aerialist… of course she is beyond great!!” Some fans added.

YouTube comments from Britani’s Got Talent

Although she had a challenging journey throughout her life because of her illness, she managed to continue and work for her passion for almost 30 years. And she was able to set a good example for the community by overcoming her difficulties and winning her life.

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