Boy Left Permanently Blind And Unable To Walk After Being Forced To Drink Alcohol! (1)

Boy Left Permanently Blind And Unable To Walk After Being Forced To Drink Alcohol!

A 19-year-old former student from the University of Missouri, Danny Santulli, faced life-changing consequences from a hazing incident. As a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, he consumed excessive alcohol during a ritual. Later he was left with permanent blindness, paralysis, and the inability to communicate or move without assistance. Let’s have a closer look at this tragic incident that left Danny with severe and irreversible brain damage.

Freshman Paralyzed in A Ritual Gone Wrong

Two University of Missouri students are facing serious charges related to a hazing incident. Ryan Delanty and Thomas Shultz of the fraternity are now facing accusations of endangering life and supplying alcohol to a minor. Shultz also faces an additional charge for allegedly manipulating evidence.

This unfortunate incident took place during a fraternity pledge event. Santulli, now 19, was left permanently brain-damaged after forcefully consuming a bottle of vodka and beer. He remains paralyzed, unable to see or speak, and recently returned to his family home in Minnesota. Surveillance footage shows the forceful feeding of alcohol to Santulli through a tube. Santulli had an extremely high blood alcohol level when he got to the hospital.

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Danny Santulli’s family lawyer, David Bianchi, filed a lawsuit against 23 people linked to Phi Gamma Delta. The family wants those responsible for the hazing to face legal consequences. Bianchi believes students who commit such atrocities to people should be expelled and charged with crimes.

An online petition for justice for Danny has gathered over 33,000 signatures. One of the accused, Alec Wetzler, faces criminal charges for supplying alcohol to a minor. Only Wetzler has faced criminal charges so far. Samuel Ghandi and Alec Wetzler, two other individuals are also named in the lawsuit. The bond is now set at $50,000 for the accused.

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