What Happened to Balloon Taro in AGT 2024?

Balloon Taro amazed the audience with his balloon act even after missing 2 attempts and all judges said “Yes” to advance him to the next round of AGT 2024.

Balloon Taro at AGT Auditions (YouTube/America’s Got Talent)
Age (at audition)Not Specified
Home TownJapan
ActBalloon Act
Position ReachedAdvanced to the Next Round

Balloon Taro performed an exciting balloon act on AGT 2024 with his son, Subasa supporting in background. The judges were amazed and voted “Yes,” advancing them to the next round.

Taro, from Japan, has been perfecting his act for over 20 years. He performs mainly for kids, bringing joy and excitement wherever he goes.

With dreams of sharing his talent worldwide, Taro hopes to make a lasting impact. Let’s explore the life of this Balloon Taro.


Balloon Taro, whose real name is Fusen Taro, comes from Japan. He has been performing his act for over two decades.

Before appearing on AGT, Taro mainly performed for kids’ parties and events in Japan. He is known for his fun and thrilling balloon-bursting acts.

He has never been on AGT before, but he has a long history of delighting audiences in Japan. His experience shows in every performance he does.

Balloon Taro Biography 

Real Name Fusen Taro
ProfessionBalloon Performer
Balloon Taro Bio

Family & Relationships

Balloon Taro performs with his son, Subasa. They share a strong bond and love entertaining together.

Taro’s family supports his dream of performing worldwide. They are excited about his AGT journey.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


During his audition, Taro performed an act where he put his body into a balloon and jumped over objects while inside the balloon. He did this to the tune of “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

Despite a hard time where the balloon popped twice, he finally succeeded on his third attempt. His son joined him in the later part when Taro is jumping over the objects.

Simon Cowell buzzed the act, but all four judges voted “Yes,” sending him to the next round.

Everyone is talking now about the part that he did not give up in his missed attempts.

Taro and Subasa are now moving on to the next round, excited to showcase more of their talent.

Feature Image Credits : YouTube @America’s Got Talent

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