6 Benefits Of Using HHC In Your 30s

Entering your 30s can be challenging. You are living in a time when the energy in your body starts to decline, and you must take extra care of yourself to live healthily.

Be it a midlife crisis, money issues, career goals, family, relationship, or burnout – you have to deal with a lot! But how can you make the most out of this peak time in your life?

Starting a great self-care routine and paying particular attention to your physical and mental health is a good starting point. 

While there are many options to explore, we will talk about HHC from https://cbd.co/hhc/ today – also known as Hexahydrocannabinol. HHC has a string of benefits for your physical and mental health. 

To be energized, happy, stress-free, and relaxed, you can introduce HHC in your daily self-care routine post 30. Not sure how that’s going to help? Or not sure what the hell HHC even is? Don’t worry; we will answer all your questions one by one! Let’s get started then.

What is HHC?

HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, among other 100+ compounds. Not many people knew about HHC, but this new compound quickly gained popularity, thanks to its extraordinary benefits.

While HHC can be naturally found in hemp plants, they are available in such trace amounts that they must be manufactured artificially for market use.

HHC is psychoactive and has similar effects on the body as you feel after consuming delta-9 THC. It has become a great way of relaxation for many people, especially those who go through stress regularly.

Various research on HHC has shown promising results for treating various ailments. It has gained even more popularity among users as a “natural” cure to many mental health-related issues.

Since HHC has similar effects on the body as Delta-9 THC, it can also make you ‘high’ or generate a sense of ‘euphoria.’ It has many benefits that make it a perfect partner for your post 30 self. So let’s discover them!

It helps you sleep better

Your 30s are your peak time in life. You have to juggle much pressure, family, relationships, career expectations, and a body that needs more time to recuperate.

Let’s face it – you are no longer a 20 year old. You will get tired sooner, face tough decisions in life, and often question your younger self for making stupid choices. It’s hard, we get it – and all this stress and overthinking can keep you from sleeping better.

If you face problems sleeping well during the night – or have a mind that’s always running, HHC can be your answer. HHC helps improve the quality of sleep and even helps fight insomnia.

HHC users swear by its magical effect on sleep quality. A great way to unwind and prepare for the next day’s battles, isn’t it?

Pain relief

So you can’t travel anymore without muscle aches and a body screaming from pain? We feel you. 

When you turn 30, your body starts getting weaker – if you don’t take care of it. It’s not something to be scared of. You will not suddenly turn old; you will not be in the position of taking your body for granted anymore.

You will notice that all your old bad habits are catching up to you in back pain, neck strain, etc. So if you can’t sit for long hours without making your body ache, then HHC can be immensely helpful.

HHC has some proven analgesic effects, and its users claim it to be more effective than delta-9 THC and delta-8. People who face issues like arthritis also find HHC helpful.

Relaxes your body

When we are anxious or in a state of frenzy and panic, our body reflects it. Tension in muscles can make your condition worse. HHC has been proven effective in helping people relax their minds and bodies.

You will see your heart rate coming to a natural rhythm, and your muscles relax under the effect of HHC. A great way to calm yourself and beat the stress.

Appetite booster

For some people, appetite is the first thing that gets affected under the pressure of everyday life. HHC has been shown to improve the appetite for consumption and induce hunger in the person.

It has also been shown to help fight inflammation in the body and boost digestion. So the next time stress kills your hunger, give it a dose of HHC and some great music!

Fighting depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are often hidden issues that people face in their 30s, especially if they are juggling relationships and careers together. It’s so easy to feel isolated in difficult times.

People trying to “live for others” are fighting a much more decisive battle with hidden depression and anxiety signs. HHC has shown to be promising in treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression in its users.

Good for heart

Stress is the biggest reason people develop heart problems and blood pressure issues, leading them to uncertain health. HHC can help you relax, take proper rest and give your body ample time to recover. HHC works by enhancing your mood, helping you feel happier, and eliminating stress hormones in your body. Nothing is better for the heart than the absence of stress.


Your 30s can be challenging for many reasons, and those reasons are often too individual to mention. But you must remember – don’t take yourself for granted. 

Invest in pampering yourself, developing a proper self-care routine, and making doctor’s appointments regularly. While stress will never really go away, you can manage it well by taking deep breaths and maybe a dose of HHC.

Even though managing stress is not as simple as thinking about it, you have to start somewhere. Don’t hesitate from taking external help – be it a better diet, a good supplement, or a moment of tremendous and relaxing ‘high.’

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