This 16-year-old Killed Hundreds Of Nazis The Shocking Attempt To Escape!

This 16-year-old Killed Hundreds Of Nazis | The Shocking Attempt To Escape!

When Nazi Germany invaded Belarus in 1941, life as Zinaida Portnova knew forever changed. Zinaida, just a young teenager at the time, witnessed firsthand the harsh realities of war. The turning point came when she witnessed her own grandmother being assaulted by Nazi soldiers. This moment fueled her burning desire to resist the oppressors. With deep-seated anger and a thirst for justice, Zinaida joined the Soviet youth resistance. 

From spreading anti-Nazi leaflets to engaging in direct acts of sabotage. Zinaida secretly poisoned hundreds of Nazis’ food. But that’s not all. When she was once being interrogated, she disarmed the Nazi detective and shot him in the head. Zinaida also executed 2 more Nazis in her escape attempt. Her journey from a schoolgirl to a tough guerrilla fighter is both inspiring and chilling. Let’s have a look. 

Involvement in the Resistance

Initially, Zinaida was involved in distributing propaganda leaflets and assisting in the collection and hiding of weapons for the Soviet forces. She was then involved with the local underground Komsomol group, known as the Young Avengers, in the Vitebsk region. This marked her first steps into the resistance movement.

As she learned to pull the strings from more experienced members, her tasks grew in danger and importance. Zinaida soon found herself in direct action against the occupying forces. The acts included sabotaging local infrastructure sites like pump stations, power plants, and a brick factory. These missions not only disrupted the German operations but also claimed the lives of over a hundred soldiers. She became a significant threat to the Nazis.

16 year old Killed Hundreds Of Nazis
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The Poisoning Of Nazis: Zinaida Also Poisoned Herself In The Act!

One of Zinaida’s most daring acts of resistance occurred in 1943. She managed to enter the kitchen of a Nazi garrison in Obol as a kitchen aide. With lethal precision, she poisoned the food intended for the soldiers. To cover her tracks and avoid immediate suspicion, she also consumed some of the poisoned food herself. This convinced her captors of her innocence.

Unfortunately, she later suffered from severe illness due to the poison. However, she miraculously recovered after drinking whey. This act of sabotage was not just a blow to the enemy in terms of lost lives; it was a significant morale booster for the Soviet partisans.

16 year old Killed Hundreds Of Nazis
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Capture, Interrogation, and Dramatic Escape Attempt!

Zinaida’s activities eventually led to her capture by the Gestapo. During an intense interrogation, she managed to escape by getting a hold of the interrogator’s pistol and shooting him. She also took the lives of two other German soldiers who rushed in upon hearing the gunfire. 

Her escape attempt, however, was short-lived as she was recaptured near a riverbank after the pistol misfired.

16 year old Killed Hundreds Of Nazis
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Tragic Death and Recognition of Heroism

Despite her tragic death in January 1944, Zinaida Portnova’s heroism did not go unrecognized. In 1958, she was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and numerous tributes have been established in her honor, including school names, monuments, and a museum.


Zinaida Portnova’s actions during WWII had a profound impact on Nazi forces and provided a significant boost to Soviet morale. Her story is not just one of immense personal sacrifice. It is also a powerful reminder of the impact one determined individual can have on the course of history. For today’s youth, Zinaida’s life is an inspiring example.

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