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What Happened to World Taekwondo after AGT 2021? Here are some quick facts.

It is rare to see a group of various nationalities perform an act on AGT. The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team is such a combination made of multiple people all around the world. After their act in 2021, they became controversial indeed. This article will explain info and facts we know about World Taekwondo Team Members, Who are World Taekwondo, What happened at America’s Got Talent, their Career, ongoing projects, net worth, and their social media.

World Taekwondo participated in the Americas Got Talent in 2021. They got eliminated from the final. Here are some facts about them.

Age20-30 years
Where is World Taekwondo from?San Jose, CA
Net worth now9 Million USD

Where is World Taekwondo now? & what happened to them after AGT? 

World Taekwondo maintains its organization very well. They participate in many competitions around the world. Among them, they have participated in the African Taekwondo tournament and the Olympic tournament and achieved victories.

World Taekwondo AGT 2021
World Taekwondo AGT 2021

Who is World Taekwondo?

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team is a team made of Taekwondo players who have come together to promote their Unique Art. It was set up in 2009 along with the USA and South Korea’s founding members. What the team does is showcase their unique styles and techniques all around the world and attract more and more people into it.

As they say, “Peace is more precious than triumph.” The team has taken part in several events, and they have got an entry for world-known events such as Olympic and Youth Olympic Games. The AGT was such a stop for them; they did it to show their patience, the techniques to control both mind and body, and the embrace of Taekwondo. Yet, they ended up being one of the semifinalists.

World Taekwondo Team Members

The World Taekwondo AGT members are from the USA and South Korea. As they were introduced to the judges, they were happy to say they were from various nationalities. We have not found the details and information about every member. But, we have details about a few members of the team. Aidan Bryant displayed talents as an aerialist, and Mckayla Skinner and Jordan Chiles displayed their skills supporting Aidan.

Skinner is among the most important talents in the show as the taekwondo player who once represented the Olympics and won a medal in gymnastics. There were more than 19 members who made the 22 members team. We will update their information once we get them.

What happened at America’s Got Talent?

First, it was a performance over gravity. The lead Taekwondo player did break things, and others helped him to get into the sky. Then they started the dynamic acrobatics, and the uniformity and the awesome moves were embraced to see. It was the first time the team was on AGT, and the judges were astonished by the team. 

Another aspect that could be seen was the talents shown by both males and females. That was, as they were equally talented. In the last act, the leading player broke boards consecutively. They were sent into the semis along with Terry’s Golden buzzer.

● Auditions

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team has taken part in various competitions. The Italian version of GT was crucial. They had reached the finals in that as well. The most important fact was they had been able to get the Golden Buzzer from judge Mara from Italy’s Got Talent as well as France’s Got Talent. Their attempt at Olympics, as well as North Korea, had been in their plans which made them wait due to the pandemic. The team used Vatican City to send a message about peace through such a performance. Although it was not an audition, the attention they gained was a massive one.

● Live Shows

The only live shows The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team has taken part in are AGT and IGT (Italy Has Got Talent). On AGT, they mentioned they would go for more publicity through shows. They will be available for performances shortly.

● Final

The Taekwondo team did an acrobatic taekwondo routine similar to the first audition. The players had increased the heights for the features of the act, and the boards they broke were higher in number than in the previous attempt. Although Aidan Bryant was exceptional in the final, they could not get enough votes to be in the best 05.


The team has passed more than a decade in the world taekwondo scenario through their committed work. However, it has taken almost a decade since to take their name into the world, and now they are at their best. Although Aidan Bryant was the one the team depended on, everyone on the team was skilled in Taekwondo. The taekwondo team reached the final in every reality show, and that would show how professional they are.

Social media

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team has a Youtube channel that has got 316k followers. They are available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. The team is more popular on Facebook, with 543,799 followers. The team updates posts on their recent activities in the Taekwondo community, such as competitions and recent events.


Did world taekwondo win AGT?

No, they did not.

Who world’s taekwondo demonstration team girl?

The World Taekwondo demonstration team’s girl’s name is Mckayla Skinner. She is an Olympic medalist in Gymnastics.

Where is the world taekwondo demonstration team from?

The team’s origin lies in the USA and South Korea. But, the members are from all around the world.

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