Where is N’Versity Now? Net worth & Latest News

N’Versity, an American girl group from Pomona, California, emerged onto the music scene in 2003 and gained recognition for their Pop and R&B sound. Comprising members Cassy, Kandie, and BB, the trio made waves with two appearances on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Notably, they secured the title of Best Rising Star Female Vocal Group at the Las Vegas Music Awards in 2006.

With a brief yet impactful career, their journey is marked by their distinctive name, a fusion of unity and diversity, mirroring the varied ethnic backgrounds of its members. N’Versity participated in the Americas Got Talent on 2006. They got eliminated from the semi-finals. Here are some facts about them.

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Biography & Early life

Unfortunately, detailed information about the individual biographies and early lives of N’Versity members Cassy, Kandie, and BB is not available and not disclosed. However, they are American when it comes to their nationality.

eventhough theirs no information available about their early life, here’s a brief about the history. N’Versity, initially founded by Kandie, embarked on a journey that saw them undergo significant transformations. Originally known as Blush 3, the group later adopted the name UNEEK. However, a subsequent change was necessary due to name clashes with other artists.

Ultimately, they settled on the name ‘N’Versity, a clever amalgamation of “unity” and “diversity,” reflecting the diverse ethnic backgrounds of its members—Cassy, Kandie, and BB. This evolution in identity led to notable achievements, including two appearances on America’s Got Talent and a featured role in JoJo’s music video for “Not That Kinda Girl,” underscoring their presence in both the competition circuit and the broader music industry.

Known asN’versity

What happened to N’versity in AGT?

In 2006, they took part in America’s Got Talent but unfortunately got eliminated during the semi-finals. N’Versity, the vocal trio graced the America’s Got Talent stage with an undisclosed audition in Episode 101. The details of this performance remain shrouded as it was never televised, but it earned them at least two “Yes” votes from the judges, securing their passage to the Semifinals.

Their Week 2 Semifinals performance in Episode 106 saw N’Versity enchanting the audience with their rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You.” Despite the accidental “✓” vote from Brandy Norwood, the trio failed to garner enough votes for a second-place finish in America’s Vote, resulting in elimination in Episode 107, losing out to At Last and Natasha Le.

However, Piers Morgan, an advocate for N’Versity, brought the trio back for the Wild Card Show. In Episode 112, they took the stage once again, delivering a compelling performance of “That’s My Prerogative.” Impressively, Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff all gave them “✓” votes. However, their journey on America’s Got Talent concluded once more in Episode 113, falling short in the America’s Vote against David & Dania – Quick Change and Nathan Burton.

N’versity Net Worth

As of 2024, N’versity’s net worth is not available.

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What is N’Versity doing now?

Despite their elimination, N’Versity’s talents were recognized at the Las Vegas Music Awards in September 2006, where they secured the “Best Rising Star Female Vocal Group” award. Unfortunately, as of 2007, the group disbanded, and they no longer perform together.

Social Media

Not to be found.


In conclusion, N’Versity, the American girl group from Pomona, California, made a notable impact with their Pop and R&B sound, achieving recognition through appearances on America’s Got Talent and winning Best Rising Star Female Vocal Group at the Las Vegas Music Awards in 2006. While detailed information about their biographies, family, relationships, and current endeavors is not available, their journey, marked by name changes and artistic evolution, reflects a commitment to unity and diversity. Unfortunately, updates on their recent activities or net worth are elusive, as they seem to have maintained a low profile on social media since 2006.


  1. What is N’versity’s net worth as of 2024?
    • N’versity’s net worth is not available as of 2024.
  2. When did N’versity participated in AGT?
    • N’Versity participated in the Americas Got Talent on 2006.
  3. what happened to N’versity in AGT?
    • They got eliminated from the semi-finals.

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