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Meet Cartel, the vibrant dance group that graced the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 during Series 8. Though their journey on the show saw them reaching the semi-finals, Cartel left a lasting impression with their energetic performances. Comprising members aged between 16 and 20, with the exception of Jamie, who was 27 at the time of the audition, this talented dance ensemble brought their passion and skill to the BGT platform. Let’s delve into the story of Cartel’s spirited run on Britain’s Got Talent and the youthful exuberance they infused into the series.

Biography & Early Life

Let’s explore the early life and biography of Cartel, the dynamic dance group that took the stage by storm on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. Discover the backgrounds and formative years of these talented individuals, with a focus on their experiences leading up to the memorable Series 8 audition. This section provides a closer look at the youthful journey that shaped the vibrant members of Cartel before they dazzled audiences on the iconic BGT stage.

Age25 – 37
Where is the Cartel from?England
Current Net Worth1.5 Million USD

Family & Relationships

Now, let’s take a closer look at the personal side of Cartel’s members by exploring their family and relationships. Gain insights into the support systems and connections that played a role in shaping these talented individuals. While details about their families and relationships might be limited, this section aims to provide a glimpse into the personal lives of the members of Cartel and the bonds that contribute to their journey in the world of dance.

Spouse / Girlfriend / Boyfriend

What happened to Cartel in BGT?

When Cartel hit the Britain’s Got Talent stage for their audition, they brought the groove with a cool dance routine set to a mix of music. But, uh-oh, Simon had some thoughts. He said Jamie “stuck out like a sore thumb” in the group. Drama! However, the other judges had Cartel’s back. David chimed in with a thumbs-up, saying, “I think you danced really really well.” Phew! The rest of the judges agreed that Jamie was here to stay. Talk about a dance-off with opinions.

Hold on to your dance shoes! In Cartel’s semi-final show, they pulled off the ultimate surprise – they made it look like Jamie had left the group. But wait for it, halfway through, ta-da! Jamie showed up out of the blue. Alesha had some thoughts, saying it was nice to see Jamie back but noticed a bit of lag in the performance. Drama alert! Amanda thought there was a gap without Jamie but still felt he deserved his spot. They made it to the Judges Vote but, oh no, the plot twist! When it came back to the Public Vote, they landed in 3rd place and were sadly eliminated. It was a rollercoaster of surprises, votes, and dance moves.

What’s Cartel doing now? 

Curious about what Cartel, the dance sensations from Britain’s Got Talent Series 8, is up to now? Well, buckle up! With a cool 2.5k followers on Instagram, they’re still making moves, but here’s the twist – it’s a bit mysterious if they’re still busting out those dance grooves together. Back in Series 8, they wowed us and even made it to the semi-finals, leaving a trail of fame in their wake. What’s next for Cartel? The dance floor is still waiting for their next move.

Net worth of Cartel

As of recent information, Cartel, the fantastic dance group from Britain’s Got Talent Series 8, is estimated to have a net worth of 1.5 million USD. This impressive figure reflects not only their dance prowess but also the recognition and opportunities that followed their memorable stint on the show. Their journey continues to unfold, and this net worth stands as a testament to the impact they’ve made in the world of entertainment.

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In conclusion, Cartel, the dance group that grooved their way into our hearts on Britain’s Got Talent Series 8, has left a lasting impression. With an estimated net worth of 1.5 million USD, their journey from the BGT stage to fame has been nothing short of remarkable. While it’s not entirely clear if they are still dancing together, their legacy lives on. Keep an eye out for the next beat in Cartel’s story – who knows what moves they’ll make next.


Who are Cartel from Britain’s Got Talent Series 8?

Cartel is a dance group that participated in Series 8 of Britain’s Got Talent, known for their impressive dance performances.

Did Cartel win Britain’s Got Talent?

No, Cartel reached the semifinals but did not win Britain’s Got Talent Series 8.

How many followers does Cartel have on Instagram?

Cartel has 2.5k followers on Instagram.

What is Cartel’s estimated net worth?

As of recent information, Cartel’s estimated net worth is 1.5 million USD.

Are Cartel still dancing together?

It is not entirely clear if Cartel is still dancing together; their current status as a group is unknown.

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