What Happened to Michelle Millman in Kiro 7 news

What Happened to Michelle Millman in Kiro 7 news? A Look Beyond the Spotlight

Have you ever wondered about the people you once saw regularly on TV but who seem to disappear from the public eye? One such person is Michelle Millman, a name recognized by many from her time on KIRO 7 News. After gaining popularity as a morning and lunchtime news host, something shifted in her life. This article will delve into what has transpired in Michelle Millman’s journey since her days in the spotlight.

Who is Michelle Millman

Michelle Millman is a well-known figure from her long-standing career in broadcasting, especially her role at KIRO 7, a station she grew up watching. She has built a reputation in journalism through her dedication to presenting the news.

  • Long-time morning and lunchtime news host on KIRO 7
  • Breast cancer advocate and survivor
  • Winner of two Emmy awards
  • Active participant in community and charitable work

The Peak of Fame 

Michelle Millman’s most influential time was during her tenure at KIRO 7, reaching households across Seattle every morning. She was recognized not only for her journalistic endeavors but also for her engaging presence and rapport with the viewers.

What happened to Michelle Millman

In July 2009, Michelle’s life took a jarring turn as she was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer. This battle against a life-threatening illness meant enduring grueling treatments, including chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. However, rather than retreating, Michelle faced the challenge with immense courage, and her fight transformed into a catalytic force for her advocacy work in breast cancer awareness.

Life Beyond Fame: Where is Michelle Millman Now?

Today, Michelle Millman continues to make a significant impact, although away from the news desk. She has taken up the role of CEO of Cancer Pathways, engaging in activism and support for cancer patients.

Aside from her professional strides, she is married and focuses on raising her two sons in the Pacific Northwest with her high school sweetheart, Mike Millman.

The Impact and Legacy

Michelle Millman’s contribution reaches far beyond her news reports. She has become an icon of resilience and hope, using her personal struggle to support and inform others who face similar health battles. Her bravery and dedication have left a lasting impression, celebrated by many who admire her strength in fighting cancer and advocating for a cure.


Michelle Millman’s story is a testament to the ability to rise above personal adversity and make a difference. From the news desk to the frontline of cancer advocacy, she exemplifies the transformative power of human spirit. What have you taken away from witnessing Michelle’s journey beyond the spotlight?

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