What Happened to Ted Williams | The Man with the Golden Voice

What Happened to Ted Williams | The Man with the Golden Voice

In 2011, a homeless man in Ohio named Ted Williams became an internet phenomenon almost overnight. His story, unlike any other, captivated millions worldwide and left many wondering about his destiny. Known for his “golden voice,” Williams mesmerized passersby and ultimately the global audience. This article delves into the life of Ted Williams, tracing his journey from the streets to stardom and where life has taken him in the ensuing years.

Who is Ted Williams?

Ted Williams, often referred to as “The Man with the Golden Voice,” began his story as a promising radio announcer with a voice that charmed the airwaves. His life took a tragic turn when addiction led to a downfall, resulting in a decade of homelessness. His remarkable voice remained his one constant companion during these hard times. A fateful encounter with a Columbus Dispatch videographer, capturing him showing off his voice while panhandling, thrust him back into the limelight as the video rapidly spread across the internet.

The Golden Voice

The resonant of Williams’s voice garnered an outpouring of amazement and empathy. As millions tuned in to hear Williams speak, his life transformed almost instantaneously. He received a deluge of voice-over proposals, job offers, and media invitations, showing the incredible power of talent coupled with the reach of social media.

Ted Williams’ Comeback

Despite the initial wave of success, Williams’s life post-discovery was not without its challenges. The rapid rise to fame brought its own set of struggles, but he made considerable strides in turning his life around. He attended rehabilitation programs and reconnected with his 90-year-old mother after years of separation, highlighting a narrative of redemption and hope.

The community rallied behind Williams, whose commitment to giving back has become a central theme in his story. His charitable work and efforts to support disadvantaged individuals illustrate the depth of his character and his desire to contribute positively to society.

Where is Ted Williams Now?

In April 2016, Ted Williams and the Golden Voice stopped participating in WVKO programming. Fast forward to October 2019, he is now involved in producing a new reality show named Second Chance. Williams now working with “Now With Scott Spears” on WWGH Radio. 

He continues to share his golden voice in various projects and uses his distinct presence to support the homeless community — the same one that he once was a part of. Williams has advocated for people facing similar adversities and has dedicated his time to philanthropic causes, reaffirming his dedication to benevolence and gratitude.


Ted Williams’ journey reminds us of life’s unpredictable nature and the impact of second chances. It teaches resilience, the importance of support systems, and the potential within every individual to rewrite their story. Though he faced setbacks following his sudden fame, his ongoing legacy is a testament to his enduring strength and humanity.

Readers like you are encouraged to embrace such narratives, recognizing the powerful messages they carry. Ted Williams’ story is not just about the rise and fall of a man with the golden voice but about the affirmation of life: transformation, giving, and the enduring affinity for compassion.

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