Top Websites to Master Writing Skills

Top Websites to Master Writing Skills

Need to Master Writing Skills

Essay writing is a critical skill for any student because a significant portion of assessments are in written format. Students look for learning resources that can assist them in mastering writing skills. A variety of websites that explain stages of the writing process are available on the Internet. Although numerous websites have the information required to acquire particular writing skills, the top websites do not provide pragmatic learning experiences that allow for mastery of writing skills, which is also possible through services offered by

Websites Rich With Content

The Internet provides students with access to different websites that contain useful information concerning academic writing, with websites that have straightforward and easily understood presentation techniques being considered the top websites. Students no longer need to visit libraries to access information regarding writing skills. The go-to websites emerge because of the ease of navigating the website and the simplicity of language used to explain writing concepts. Top websites are merely collections of content but do not actively mentor skills learning.

Overreliance on Student Self-Interpretation

Despite the label ‘top websites,’ website content authors assume that students can independently process and interpret the content and transform it into useful information that can help students. Reading text without the option to seek clarification is not a highly effective approach for learning skills, which is evident in the widespread student appreciation for lectures and discussion groups. The lone wolf approach leaves students at risk of wrong interpretation and internalization of incorrect writing principles, which could prove difficult to reverse.

Lack of Feedback

The absence of feedback is a major shortcoming of top websites. Writing skills require a significant amount of practice for students to attain notable improvements in writing techniques. Top websites give students practice exercises but do not provide feedback on the finished exercises. An exercise is not enough to ascertain that a student has understood and can correctly apply an academic writing concept. Feedback is essential in gauging a student’s level of mastery, pointing out mistakes, and identifying specific aspects that require improvement. 

No Direct Answers

Top websites do not provide direct answers to students’ queries because the content on websites exists in a fixed form. Unlike a beginner, an intermediate writer may not follow the logical arrangement of writing concepts on a website. The challenges that intermediate writers face are quite specific and may not be covered in the standard content of a website. If the challenge is addressed in the website’s content, the intermediate writer may struggle to locate the information. Top websites are not the best solution for finding customized answers.

Value of a Tutor

The inadequacies of top websites are easily overcome when students consult professional writing centers. Tutors ensure that content is correctly interpreted by providing experience-based explanations to supplement the written text. Professional writers revise and edit an exercise’s result and offer students useful feedback on all issues observed. Moreover, writing centers can provide students with direct answers to complex questions without the hustle of navigating situationally irrelevant content. Tutoring centers are superior to top websites.

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