America’s $400 Billion Future City in the desert | What is Telosa, and who is behind this mega project?

Telosa is a planned $400 billion development in the American desert that aims to become a model for sustainable and equitable cities. The name Telosa derives from the Greek word “télos”, meaning “highest purpose”. Marc Lore, a billionaire entrepreneur and former Walmart CEO, leads the project.

In this article, we will explore Telosa, its purpose, background challenges, and development in a detailed manner. We have used trusted sources like Telosa and TCD while creating this article.

What is Telosa trying to achieve?

Telosa has ambitious goals and a grand vision for the future. Telosa’s purpose is to establish a new approach to sustainable and equitable urban living that can serve as a model for future cities worldwide. Telosa seeks to promote human potential via innovative architecture, technological integration, and community building by providing a dynamic and inclusive environment in which residents can thrive and accomplish their highest aspirations.

 The Architect: Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is a famous Danish who designs sustainable buildings and structures that benefit society. Some of his notable projects include the Amager Resource Center waste-to-energy plant and the Two World Trade Centers in New York City. Ingels is an important part of the Telosa team and helped design the city’s plan, focusing on sustainability, walkability, and community. His expertise in sustainable design and urban planning has helped Telosa become a model city for the future.

Challenges of Building a City in the Desert

Telosa faces several challenges, including the scarcity of water and harsh desert climate, as well as the enormous financial and political investment required to build a new city from scratch.

Telosa’s Background and Development

Marc Lore, the founder of, wanted to use his wealth to build a sustainable and equitable city. He enlisted a team of experts, including architect Bjarke Ingels, to design and plan Telosa. Telosa avoided high-profile investors and partners to maintain greater control over the project’s development and vision.

Will Telosa actually be built?

Currently, the project is still in the early stages of development, and the team is exploring potential locations for the city. If all goes as planned, the first 50,000 residents will arrive by the end of 2030.

Cost of Living in Telosa

Telosa is expected to be a luxury community with a high cost of living, featuring high-end housing, transportation, and amenities. However, the city aims to be diverse and inclusive, offering affordable housing options for those who need them. The exact costs of living in Telosa are not yet determined.


In conclusion, Telosa represents a grand vision for the future of sustainable and equitable urban living. The project faces significant challenges, but with the leadership of Marc Lore and the expertise of Bjarke Ingels, it has the potential to impact future city planning and development. Telosa’s success could serve as a model for future cities worldwide.

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