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SEO marketing agency: A budget-friendly option for businesses

The common misconception is that working with SEO marketing agencies can break the bank. Granted, the vast majority of high-quality agencies don’t come cheap. But, we’re here to tell you that it can actually be a budget-friendly option. Does it sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Let’s go through all of your options: using an SEO marketing agency, using an in-house SEO professional, or using traditional marketing strategies. In the process, you’ll also understand some of the differences between SEO and traditional marketing. 

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Option 1: Using an SEO marketing agency

SEO is a dynamic field. It is constantly evolving based on search engine algorithms and new best practices, and SEO marketing agency can keep their finger on the pulse. They have an entire team of SEO experts, content strategists and writers, and social media executives that watch out for the latest trends, and have the budget to buy the best paid SEO softwares. This is something that many businesses just don’t have the time or resources for. 

SEO marketing agencies may seem pricey, but many of them are dedicated to help you get a return on investment. This means they’re not only generating and implementing a solid SEO strategy, but are monitoring the success of each campaign, conducting A/B testing, and tweaking as necessary to ensure optimal performance. With a click of a button, they can help you tap into new geographical markets and grow your business in unimaginable ways. 

Option 2: Using an in-house SEO professional 

You might not want to work with an SEO marketing agency because you prefer to keep everything in-house. Although this strategy does work for some larger organizations that are wholly committed to SEO, it’s not necessarily a more cost-effective or budget-friendly option. This is because there are a lot of hidden costs when it comes to building your own team vis-a-vis working with an SEO marketing agency. Some examples include:

  • Hiring costs: Job advertisement fees, as well as time taken to interview, recruit, and onboard employees.
  • Remuneration costs: Salary, paid annual leave, sick leave, and employee benefits such as group health insurance.
  • Software and training costs: SEO software costs and time allocated for training and skills development.
  • Outsourcing costs (if your team isn’t fully equipped to handle SEO strategies from A to Z): Payments to freelance writers, translators, designers, etc. 

Option 3: Using traditional marketing strategies  

What about not using SEO altogether? It can be very difficult to market overseas without relying on SEO or some form of digital marketing strategy, which means your business might miss out on new markets or opportunities. In addition to this, you won’t be able to be as flexible with your marketing strategies – for instance, changing ads at the last minute or even after it has gone live. 

If you think working with an SEO marketing agency is costly, you should be aware that traditional marketing can also be expensive. Advertising on a billboard, your local newspaper, or handing out flyers is heavy on the pocket and may not even yield the best results as publishing SEO-optimized content on your blog or other SEO strategies that can directly target certain demographics or geographical areas.

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