A Runner Encounters A Terrifying ‘Nightmarcher’ In A Forest!

A Runner Encounters A Terrifying ‘Nightmarcher’ In A Forest!

A runner going through the dense forests of Oahu, Hawaii, during a demanding 100-mile race, encountered a terrifying figure. The dark figure lurking around appears to be a figure from the depths of local legend. Kay Borleis is an experienced ultramarathon runner specializing in extreme long-distance races. She participated in the HURT 100-mile race through the dense forests of Hawaii. This marathon is an event noted for its challenging obstacles such as mud-caked roots, water crossings, and steep rocky slopes. 

However, Borleis had an unexpected supernatural encounter on her run and she unknowingly captured it on her video. Let’s have a closer look at this unusual sighting. 

The Mysterious Sighting: What Kay Borleis Experienced

While competing on the rugged Honolulu Mauka trails in 2019, Kay Borleis was already exhausted and nursing a foot injury from the race. She came across something extraordinary.

It was early morning, a time when the trail was deserted, with no other runners in sight due to the race’s specific direction rules. There were certainly no tourists around as well. The spine-tingling moment was captured in a photograph by Borleis’ pacing partner, Cassie. The photo showed a dark, cloaked figure moving silently past Borleis. It was strange and out of place that even the ultramarathoner herself did not notice it at the time. 

The duo, confident in the absence of any other people on that trail section, were left baffled and unable to explain the eerie presence.

The Legend of the Nightmarchers

The mysterious figure carried a striking resemblance to what local Hawaiian legend describes as Nightmarchers. Nightmarchers or huakaʻi pō—spirits are believed to be ancient warriors who roam the islands protecting sacred grounds. 

These entities are said to march as a group to ancient battle sites or other sacred locations, carrying weapons and dressed for battle. They also never touch the ground as they travel. Legends tell of their appearance being accompanied by the sounds of drums, conch shells, and a potent, musky odor. 

The sight of these warriors is a fatal omen for those who disrespect their path. The folklore advises that one must lie face down, naked, to avoid their deadly gaze.

Image source: News.com.au

Public Reaction and Skepticism

When Borleis shared her experience and the photographic evidence on social media, the reaction was mixed and intense. Some local Hawaiians accused her of cultural insensitivity, calling her and Cassie “haoles” (a derogatory term for foreigners) and dismissing the incident as a hoax.

Critics suggested everything from photo manipulation to mistaking a random hiker for a spectral figure. 


The story of Kay Borleis and her chilling encounter during the HURT 100-mile race underscores the complex layering of human endurance, natural challenges, and the deep, spiritual narratives that permeate the landscapes we traverse. These tales not only enrich our understanding of a place but also challenge our perceptions. 

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