Ramadhani Brothers Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth, AGT Update 

Ramadhani Brothers are 36-year-old and 26 years old acrobat artists from Tanzania, South Africa, in the hit reality show America’s Got Talent 2023. The Ramadhani Brothers, a dynamic duo of acrobats from Tanzania, delivered a death-defying acrobatic routine on AGT, including head balancing and climbing a ladder. Ramadhani Brothers auditioned on Season 18 Episode 02, received 4 yeses from the judges, and advanced to the next round. Their net worth is not revealed as of 2023. With the latest update, let’s find out what happened to Ramadhani Brothers in AGT 2023. 

Ramadhani Brothers Age

Ramadhani Brothers were born on February 25, 1987 (Ibrahim Ramadhani) and January 25, 1997 (Fadi Ramadhani) in Tanzania, South Africa, and now are 36 and 26  years old as of 2023.

Ramadhani Brothers Biography

The Ramadhani Brothers’ audition for America’s Got Talent showed they are talented acrobats with a long history of performing together. They demonstrated their skills in a head balancing act that was both dangerous and impressive.

Ramadhani Brothers currently reside in Berlin, Germany. They are Tanzanians, and their religion is not disclosed. 

Ramadhani Brothers Height

Not disclosed.

Ramadhani Brothers net worth

Ramadhani Brothers’s net worth is not available as of June 2023 

Fast Facts

Known asRamadhani Brothers
Real nameIbrahim Ramadhani and Fadi Ramadhani
Age36 (Ibrahim Ramadhani) & 26 (Fadi Ramadhani) years old
BirthdayFebruary 25, 1987 & January 25, 1997
BirthplaceDar es Salaam, Tanzania
ProfessionAcrobats Artists

AGT Update

What happened to the Ramadhani Brothers in America’s Got Talent Auditions?

Their act consisted of a head-balancing routine, where one brother would balance the other on his head while they performed a series of acrobatic tricks. The audience and judges were amazed by the Ramadhani Brothers’ act. Howie Mandel called it “the most dangerous act I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent“, The Ramadhani Brothers received four yeses from the judges, meaning they advanced to the next round of the competition

Facts we admire

  • Ramadhani Brothers are generous

Ramadhani Brothers are hoping to use their platform to help children in Tanzania.

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With an amazing performance in the auditions, Ramadhani Brothers got 4 yeses and advanced to the next round. Stay with us and we will update this content on what happens to them in AGT with the latest news.

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