Malakai Bayoh’s journey to BGT Golden Buzzer after being heckled in Royal Oprah House

13-year-old Malakai Bayoh caught the world’s attention when he took part in Britain’s Got Talent and is happy to announce he was selected for the final. By 2023, his net worth will be around $250,000. It shows the success of his music career.

In this article, we look at his amazing story, where he participated in Britain’s Got Talent and won the Golden Buzzer, every contestant’s dream. It is an important moment in his life. We will learn more about him in this article, so stay with us throughout the article. This article used reliable sources, including BBC, ChronicleLive, Dreshare, and Sur Sangram.

Malakai Bayoh’s Journey on Britain’s Got Talent


Malakai Bayoh, a 13-year-old contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, impressed the judges and audience with his stunning rendition of “Pie Jesu.” His incredible performance earned him a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell, securing a place in the semi-finals. Malakai’s musical journey began at a young age, and he has performed at prestigious venues, gaining international recognition.
As the competition continues, everyone eagerly awaits the next showcase of his extraordinary talent. The semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent are currently airing, leading up to the finale on June 4.


After the semi-final, Malakai Bayoh will face Britain’s Got Talent in the final. Noodle and Tom, Chicken Shed, Kimoon Do, MB14, Boicanto, and Felix Clement will surely have competition from Malakai. With an overwhelming number of public votes, singer Malakai earned his well-deserved spot in the finals. He will be joining the remaining eight talented finalists for Sunday’s show.

Malakai Bayoh’s Net Worth

As a young boy, his overall net worth now stands at approximately $250,000. His exceptional performance earned him Simon Cowell’s prestigious Golden Buzzer, propelling him into the spotlight and will open new opportunities for his singing career with his rising popularity.

What happened to Malakai Bayoh in Royal Oprah House in 2022

During a performance of Handel’s opera Alcina at the Royal Opera House in London, Malakai Bayoh who was 12 years old then was rudely interrupted and booed by an audience member. However, the Royal Opera House took swift action by banning the disruptive person for life. The theater showed its support for Malakai, praising his talent and impressive portrayal of the character Oberto.

Even after the incident, the rest of the audience clapped and cheered loudly to show how much they liked Malakai’s performance. Critics also criticized the person who interrupted and praised Malakai for his amazing performance.

Malakai Bayoh’s Biography & Early Life

Malakai Bayoh, the talented 13-year-old British singer, has fixed his stable position as a successor for himself in the music industry with his outstanding performances on stage as a teenager. From a young age, he started his carrier. He has performed at places like the O2 Academy and the Royal Albert Hall, focusing his areas on performing in pop, R&B, and soul music.

He could win the hearts of many people worldwide as he was inspired by legends such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in his journey.

Moreover, he has also pursued acting and has appeared in stage productions and short films. Malakai Bayoh is a gifted performer who aims to entertain and inspire others with his artistic talents.

Malakai Bayoh’s Parents & Other Relationships

His parents come from Sierra Leone. They moved to England for supported Malakai’s musical journey. His cultural background and Sierra Leonean heritage have likely influenced his musical style and career, adding a unique flavour to his music. With the support of his parents and the blending of his English upbringing and Sierra Leonean roots, Malakai has become a rising star in the music industry.


Malakai Bayoh has achieved impressive milestones in his music career. He has performed alongside renowned singer Aled Jones and had a solo debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Malakai is a highly talented and popular young singer in the UK. Many people admire his exceptional skills. He is also famous on Instagram, where he posts about his music and gets a lot of fans who like him.

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Malakai Bayoh, a young British singer, has had a remarkable journey in the music industry. He gained recognition by receiving the Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and has performed at renowned places like the Royal Albert Hall. Despite facing adversity, including being heckled during a performance, Malakai’s talent and dedication have proven. With a growing net worth and a strong social media presence, Malakai Bayoh is achieving continued success in his promising career.

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