Meet Funniest Golden Buzzer magician Keiichi Iwasaki BGT

Meet Funniest Golden Buzzer magician Keiichi Iwasaki BGT

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent believe they know how Keiichi Iwasaki 50 years, performed his levitating ring act on Alesha Dixon. Afterward, Alesha was invited onto the stage by the Japanese Magician to help him demonstrate the illusion. Keiichi Iwasaki net worth as of 2023 is 3.1 Million USD.

A strange allusion to her gold rings was made by Keiichi, who instructed the singer, to hold one finger still.

Who is Keiichi Iwasaki?

As a contestant in Britain’s Got Talent, BGT Keiichi Iwasaki has received the Golden Buzzer, which has drawn attention. All four-panel members and the presenting crew had voted for Keiichi to go to the next tournament round.

A few of Keiichi’s followers took issue that this was his sixth participation on a Got Talent show after the show aired. Previously, he had tried out for talent competitions in Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, and Italy with one of the feats he exhibited during his BGT audition.


Keiichi Iwasaki BGT was born in Maebashi, Japan and he is 50 years old as of 2023.

Keiichi Iwasaki In Britain's Got Talent
Keiichi Iwasaki In Britain’s Got Talent

Family and Relationships

His parents appear to be unsure. Since leaving his homeland of Maebashi, Japan, Keiichi claims that he has been reunited with his parents, who have paid him multiple visits. According to the wandering Magician, there are times when he longs for the people he left behind in his native land. However, he uses Skype and emails to stay in touch with his family.

Iwasaki has kept his personal life a secret. We don’t know who he’s been romantically affiliated with because the data website only has a few specifics about his expertise.

Keiichi Iwasaki Net Worth

Keiichi Iwasaki has a net worth of around $ 3.1K.

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent?

Keiichi was 49-year-old at the time of participating in the fifteenth season of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT). A brand-new season of the show was premiered on ITV on April 16, 2022. Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly host the show.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams returned as judges for the current season. On May 7, 2022, Keiichi appeared on the ITV show and captivated the judges with his mysterious act. Ant and Dec gave him a “golden buzzer” and applauded him throughout his Britain’s Got Talent performance.

After Keiichi’s performance, the judge, Amanda Holden, said, “You are hilarious, eccentric, very engaging, and your magic was simply amazing.” “I mean, faultless,” he says. The Japanese Magician does street magic and has made it to the semi-finals of the talent show. More finalists for Season 15 include Loren Allred, Born to Perform Dance Group, and Axel Blake.

British Got Talent viewers vented their rage online, stating that Keiichi had pulled the same trick in other foreign Got Talent competitions, including Italy’s Got Talent, where he reached the semi-finals. As a program representative told The Sun in response to the allegations, “As with many other entertainers aspiring for success in the industry, Keiichi, a street performer, has previously auditioned on television shows.”

I don’t think any rules prevent him from applying. The audition process is the same for everyone, and the usual program regulations apply. These accusations incite trolling against our candidates, and “fix” claims are entirely wrong. We’ve always been pretty clear about who can use BGT. We hope our viewers will tune in to show their support for Keiichi.”

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During the live semi-final, the 50-year-old yelled in disbelief as the presenting duo hurried on stage to press the button, and confetti fell from the ceiling, assuring him victory.

In addition to Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams, Iwasaki impressed the judging panel with his unusual manner.

Many abilities are known internationally, and his appearance on BGT further demonstrated Keiichi’s incredible effectiveness.


Did Keiichi Iwasaki participate in Got Talent before?

Yes. Besides Spain, where he made it to the semi-finals in 2019, he tried out for the show in Italy in 2016, Bulgaria in 2021, and Spain in 2019. Last year, he also tried out for Germany’s Das Supertalent.

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