This Job Pays $130,000 for Two Days' Work Are You Brave Enough to Climb 600 Meters Just to Change A Bulb

This Job Pays $130,000 for Two Days’ Work | Are You Brave Enough to Climb 600 Meters Just to Change A Bulb?

Imagine securing a year’s salary in just two days. That sounds like a dream, right? It’s a reality for the few who dare to climb 600 meters into the sky to switch out a bulb. The job of changing light bulbs on incredibly tall signal towers isn’t your average handyman task. It comes with a serious height, serious risk, and a seriously impressive paycheck of up to $130,000.

This job usually amounts to two days of work a year. Rates of payment change according to the experience and the height that requires climbing. It’s rare, lucrative, and certainly not for the faint of heart. You might think that Height is the only thing a climber is challenged with. But no, there’s more to it. Let’s have a closer look at what this exceptional job needs and the risks involved.

Change a Bulb in a Tower Sky High!

The task seems simple: change a bulb. But when that bulb sits atop a 600-meter signal tower, everything changes. The job demands more than typical maintenance skills. Not only that, it requires iron nerves and a strong physical condition. The towers usually require a climb-up to set the bulb once every 6 months. However, each climb takes up more than 6 hours. Imagine being off the ground, and hanging on to a tower for that long!

Tower bulb changers confront that it’s not just the heights that challenge their task but also the elements and the wind. Climbers have to fight with winds at the speed of around 60 mph. On the other hand, they have nothing more than a safety rope between them and the deep below.

These bulbs on top of the towers are playing an important role in ensuring air traffic safety. It sends off signals and is aviating traffic up in the skies. It’s the rarity of this role, the high risk, and the unique skills required that command such high pay. Where else could you earn $130,000 by braving the skies twice a year?


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Risks and Rewards: High Salary for High-Risk Work

This job shows the classic risks and rewards scenario. With your life literally on the line at such extreme heights and conditions, the compensation reflects the dangers involved. Yet, the rewards are tempting. There might also be a sense of accomplishment, a literal peak experience that’s unparalleled.

But this isn’t a thrill-seek without consequence. There aren’t records of deaths related to changing bulbs in towers. However, roughly 100 people have died from climbing communication or signal towers in the last nine years. So, you can imagine the risk they take climbing to the very top.

Entry-level tower climbers with experience under one year take around $17 (£13) per hour. On average, tower climbers earn around $17 to $44 per hour. However, depending on their experience, the tower’s height, and location, the pay can vary.

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Training and Qualifications: How to Become a Tower Light Bulb Changer

Are you considering looking up to this career? Conditioning for this role requires not only a solid fitness base but also specialized training and certifications. These ensure safe practices for work where there’s no margin for error. Training centers focus on teaching how to manage towering heights, along with the technical skills for maintenance and emergency situations.

Where do you sign up? There are specific programs that prepare you for high-altitude operations. However, it takes a great deal of physical and mental health to keep up with the job. Safety is paramount, skill is a given, and courage is not just recommended, it’s required.

The Story of Kevin Schmidt: Climbing 1, 500 Feet for $20, 000

One name known in this high-flying career is Kevin Schmidt. He is expertly accomplishing what many wouldn’t dare. Stationed in South Dakota, he takes on the task of climbing signal towers. His story gained viral attention online. A spectacular drone captured Kevin climbing nearly 1,500 feet (457 meters) high in South Dakota, and he has become a hero in many eyes. He displayed his calm, methodical work where others might withdraw in fear.

Kevin’s climbs are not just about changing bulbs; they’re key to air traffic safety. With each successful summit, he ensures the safety of countless lives. Kevin roughly earns $20,000 per climb. His comfort with the heights has caught the admiration of the internet. He looks like a fearless superhero taking the skies.


For anyone pondering a career change, tower light bulb changing serves as a clarion call to the brave. It spells out an adventure in large, bold letters against the sky—a test of both courage and ability. Would you dare to conquer vertigo, face down the elements, and claim your place in the clouds for a quick but perilous payday?

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