How To Activate Your Chime Card? Solved

How To Activate Your Chime Card? Solved

The Chime Financial Service came up in 2013 as an alternative to other traditional banks. It is an American based bank.

The Chime Financial Service came up in 2013 as an alternative to other traditional banks. It is an American based bank. The Chime app is just like any other P2P transfer app. It provides all features of any conventional Bank under one roof.

But, it doesn’t have any physical branches.

Do you know, Chime has a Visa Debit Card as well? Isn’t it strange that an online bank has a visa debit card?

It is. But, such eccentric features are the primary factors that add up to the glory of Chime. Chime has remarkable features that fulfil all the essentials of the present world. Here, we will discuss one of them, i.e. the complete process of  How to Activate the Chime Card. The blog will be fruitful for all the newbies and the already Chime members.

Apply for a Chime Card

The first step after signing in to your Chime Account is to apply for a Chime card. To apply for a Chime Card-

  • Go to your Chime Account
  • Enter all the required info
  • Complete the enrollment process
  • The Chime will send you the card on your mail
  • The card will arrive within 7-10 Business days.

Chime Card Arrival

After applying for the card, it will arrive within 7-10 business days. If the arrival is delayed, then you need to contact Chime Customer Care. You can either directly call Chime customer care or send a mail regarding the same. You can also use the Chime chatbot option and get the solution.

Activate your Chime Card

Activate your Chime Card by following the given steps-

  • Visit the CHime website or go to the Chime app
  • You will see the Card Status widget present on the tap
  • Click the widget
  • Now, you will see the Activate Card button
  • Click on it
  • If the button is not there, ask the chatbot to do so
  • Chime Customer care will help you if you are not able to do so

Chime Temporary Debit Card

Chime also has a temporary debit card. The Visa Debit card and temporary card are almost the same. You can access this card by going to the Chime settings options. Chime users have free Temporary card access. Just like visa debit cards, Chime temporary card makes ATM and Over-the-Counter withdrawals possible. The process is also the same,

Turn off your Chime Card

You can also Turn off your Chime Card. If you have lost your Chime Card, you can turn it off quickly. Chime helps you to block it temporarily. It has the following procedure-

  • Go to the settings option in your Chime app.
  • Turn off Chime Card Transactions
  • If you wish to get a new card-

○     Go to Replace my Card

○     The process is entirely free

In case of any issues, contact Chime Customer Care.

Chime Card Withdrawal Limit

Any Withdrawals done with the Chime card has a limit. The limit is $2500 per day. Withdrawals done through the card includes OVer-the-Counter Withdrawals, ATM Withdrawals and Cashback at point of sale. They are fee-free. However, a fee of $2.50 is charged during withdrawals out of Money Pass or VPN Networks. The fee may sometimes differ depending upon the terms and conditions. But if you IP has been banned from using its server then you must have to use a VPN service even if it charging extra $2.50. You can easily undone the IP ban with ExpressVPN and using the uplimate ExpressVPN promo code Youtube which will allow you to get additional discount.

Wrapping Up

Accessing your Chime Visa Debit Card has become effortless with Chime. Chime has made it easier to activate the card, making the transactions faster. It also provides full support if the card is stolen or lost. You can easily block it. The process is free of charge, and Chime does not ask any questions for the same. Chime also guarantees 0% imprecisions. It oversees all your financial requirements and ensures quicker transactions. All these qualities enable it to be among the best online banks.

If you haven’t been a Chime member yet, cashcardgreen recommends you to enrol once and get the experience of working with the best. You have a 24/7 customer service available in case of any problems.

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