Top Challenges Faced by Disabled Americans

There is an astounding 61 million disabled Americans in this country, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Yet, much of society is made for the non-disabled with too many gaps existing for over one-fifth of the country.

Awareness is key to filling these gaps. In the following article, we review the six most common issues the disabled in our country face. 

1. Finding Programs With Adequate Funding

Every local community will have its share of nonprofit organizations vying for grant funding through the Community Block Development Grant (CBDG) program. These are monies each community receives from the federal government to disperse as they see fit.

While organizations that help disabled Americans are eligible for this funding, the amounts and availability are unpredictable. As a result, organizations have to find funding elsewhere and are not always adept at doing so. 

Check with your city hall to see if any nonprofits help people with disabilities. Network with those involved to see what other avenues are ready to assist.

2. Fighting the Limitations of Social Security 

Social security disability insurance (SSDI) often does not provide enough money to live on. Furthermore, disabled people who choose to do some type of work to make ends meet will have to do a balancing act.

That’s because every dollar earned past a certain amount cuts into the SSDI payout. This creates a ceiling for disabled Americans that is hard to breakthrough. Last but not least, as Sweet Lawyers points out, qualifying can be tedious and stressful for those who would qualify for these payments.

3. Accessing Quality Healthcare 

Accessing social security disability benefits through the SSDI program is not the only challenge that disabled Americans face when it comes to getting the services they need. The healthcare system can present its own set of challenges as well. 

Look no further than some of the struggles that disabled veterans have faced getting access to adequate and timely care through the VA. Disabled individuals can have an equally frustrating time as well. 

4. Dealing With Depression 

One thing access to social security and quality healthcare can’t fight is the struggle that comes along with disabilities. Particularly, there are feelings of isolation and emotional trauma in adjusting to a disability.

These can lead to depression, a condition that affects many Americans at different levels of intensity and capacities. It is estimated that about 40 million Americans deal with mental health, anxiety, and depression issues. Adding disabilities on top of that only amplifies the intensity. 

5. Encountering Poor Accommodations 

Restaurants, retail outlets, movie theaters, airlines, and other service providers, have come a long way in accommodating the special needs of the disabled. However, there are still gaps. 

One example of this is how many disabled children find it difficult to visit playgrounds with inclusive playground equipment. There have been great examples of towns rectifying this as of late, but there’s still a long way to go.

6. Administrative Nightmares

Logging a benefits claim is another source of frustration for disabled Americans. The red tape associated with it often is more than they’re prepared to deal with when trying to adjust to their disabilities. Also, many suffer from a lack of support from family and friends when it comes to getting through the process.

Disabled Americans Have More Challenges Than Their Disabilities 

We hope to see a day when disabled Americans no longer have to feel forgotten in their own country. In the meantime, every society, not just America, should be mindful of the extraordinary challenges their disabled brothers and sisters face.

With more awareness and kindness, we can fill the gaps. For more medical news and information, check out some of our additional posts.

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